• The Schools list displays schools that are being served by the provider.  You have access to schools as defined your user profile. 
  • When searching for a specific student the search will return only students who attend the schools that you are assigned.

This is a screen shot of the STEP Home page in WebCM

Student List Button

Search Button

Menu Item Description
Referrals Displays a list of current referrals whether 'Pending' or 'Sent to DRS'. A new referral can be created.
Reports Used to get to the Flowchart and Work Site no Time reports.
To Do List Lists all reminders for all students.
STEP Forms Allows the printing of the Personnel Services Match Detail Worksheet and the STEP Match Expenditures Report as blanks to be filled out by hand.
Work Verification Displays the Work Verification for checking, verifying, and printing.
User Preferences Set preferences to alter displays and usage within the application.