Tips To Identify Quality child Care

When visiting a child care program, consider asking these questions to yourself and to the provider:

  • Are children and parents greeted as they arrive?
  • Are parents provided with a schedule of activities?
  • Does the caregiver/teacher seem to enjoy being with the children?
  • Is the child care setting clean?
  • Do the children sound and look happy?
  • How many children are enrolled in the program?
  • Are the children supervised at all times, including naptime?
  • Is the location childproofed and are dangerous materials stored out of reach of children?
  • Is there a working phone?
  • Is there an Emergency Preparedness Plan available?
  • Are medical, police, fire, and poison control emergency telephone number posted?
  • Is there a plan to deal with children who are sick and need for administration of medication?
  • Can the program handle minor injuries?
  • Is there a caregiver or teacher on site who is certified in CPR and First Aid?
  • Do children spend time outdoors?
  • Is the space for naptime clean and large enough?
  • Is the menu for meals and snacks given to parents in advance?
  • Are parents able to visit anytime, unannounced?
  • How do adults manage children's challenging behaviors?
  • Does the program has a suspension policy?
  • Are babies held to sleep?
  • Do you see enough and age appropriate toys, books and fun material for all children?
  • Do you see adults engaged with children during activities?

For more in-depth list of child care questions, download the booklet, Is This the Right Place For My Child? 38 Research-Based Indicators of Quality Child Care.

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