Web sites that meet the IITAA Standards for Web-Based Information and Applications are eligible to receive "IITAA Certification". Certified sites will be listed in the IITAA Certified List on this site and may display the "IITAA Accessible" certification logo.


Before requesting certification, please perform the following steps:

  1. Register for a free account with the Functional Accessibility Evaluator (fae.cita.uiuc.edu). Test your site with the "Depth of Evaluation" set to "Include third-level pages."
  2. Correct all "Fail" results and as many "Warn" results as possible.
  3. Identify a representative sample of pages from your site for manual testing. The sample should include at least the home page, main section pages, and examples of the different types of pages on the site, including pages with forms, tables, PDF documents, etc., up to 30 pages total.
  4. Review the representative pages using the IITAA Web Developer Testing Checklist (www.dhs.state.il.us/iitaa/webaccessibilityquicktestchecklist.html) and correct any errors.

Request Certification