Survey for Potential Subrecipients for the Comprehensive Class Member Transition Program

Note: This survey is for informational purposes only, so that potential grantees and potential subgrantees/subrecipients can connect with each other. Survey responses, including contact information, will be made public on the Olmstead webpage.

As you may know, the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), working closely with our sister agencies, is responsible for administering the Williams and Colbert Consent Decrees programming in Illinois. On October 21, 2019, IDHS issued a Request for Applications (RFA) to award grants to qualified, eligible organizations, using their expertise and experience in executing and managing transition services for class members as direct providers and/or through subrecipients. More information on the RFA can be found on the Comprehensive Class Member Program page.

To optimize coordination, the State has been divided into 7 regions (3 in Cook County, 2 in Collar Counties, and 2 in Central Illinois) and at least one grantee will be selected for each designated region.

Interested in Serving as a Potential Subrecipient?

Please complete the following survey if your organization is interested in serving as a Potential Subrecipient:

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Please select the program(s) your organization has experience delivering.

Please select the population(s) your organization has experience serving.

Please select which region(s)/county(ies) your organization has experience in serving.

Central & North Regions

Cook County Region

Collar Counties Region