Programmatic Risk Survey - Division of Family and Community Services

IDHS Grants Programmatic Risk Survey

The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the programmatic risk of the applicant. Limited program experience, protocols and internal control governing program delivery will increase an applicant’s degree of risk but will not preclude the applicant from becoming a grantee. The applicant’s degree of risk may require additional conditions to be incorporated into the grant award pursuant to 2 CFR 200.207. Patterns or trends in programmatic risk will influence GATA training as well as the agency’s monitoring plan. Appropriate support must be provided by GATU and the agency to build grantee capacity. The Process for IDHS Grants is as follows: A. IDHS provides the online questionnaire for our grantees to complete. B. Grantees complete the questionnaire for each grant they receive. C. IDHS scores the questionnaire based on the responses provided by the applicant D. The calculated responses equate to a risk profile for each of the risk categories. E. The risk profile is aligned to the applicable conditions for medium and high risk applicants in each of the categories. F. The agency communicates the applicable specific condition(s) to the grantee.

In response to the requirements of 2 CFR 200.205, the awarding agency (IDHS) is required to review the programmatic risk posed by applicants. Four risk categories are assessed through this questionnaire:

  1. Quality of management systems and ability to meet the management standards
  2. History of performance
  3. Reports and findings from audits performed under Subpart F—Audit Requirements of this part or the reports and findings of any other available audit
  4. The applicant's ability to effectively implement statutory, regulatory, or other requirements imposed on awardees.

Entity Information

1. Quality of management systems and ability to meet the management standards

1.1. Do you have written policies and procedures that guide program delivery on the topics of:
1.2. Do you have internal controls that govern program delivery on the topics of:
1.3. Does the organization have written standards of conduct covering real or perceived conflict of interest related to actions of employees engaged in the selection, award or administration of contracts supported by grant awards?