The Illinois Opioid Crisis Response Advisory Council is convened by the Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (IDHS/DASA). The goal of the council is to prevent and reduce opioid misuse and overdoses and the purpose of the Council is to gain an understanding of the existing efforts and initiatives occurring statewide to address the opioid crisis, identify gaps, promote evidence-based strategies and policies designed to combat this public health and safety crisis, and to support the development of a comprehensive strategic plan.

The Council began meeting in January 2017. As of June 2017, there were over 130 individuals on the Council members representing State agencies, members of the General Assembly, statewide provider organizations, professional/trade organizations, community-based providers, county health departments, county coroners, hospitals, and local coalitions. Membership is open to all and continues to grow, with new people participating in Council and committee meetings, respectively.

The Council and committees meet approximately every three weeks. Council members attend meetings in-person, by phone and videoconference. Each Council meeting includes a presentation on a state or local initiative and Committee updates.

The Council has four subcommittees: Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), Prescribing Practices, Public Awareness & Education, and Criminal Justice Populations. Each committee is tasked with developing initial goals and potential metrics related to their specific topic area that could be included in the comprehensive strategic plan.

Accomplishments to date include: increased awareness of local and state opioid initiatives; initial identification of prevention, treatment and resource gaps; and the committees' development of preliminary goals related to MAT, prescribing practices, public education, and criminal justice populations.

Resources shared by committee members and other opioid resources can be found at the link below, along with agendas, meeting notes and other handouts from past meetings. To join the Council, please contact Brian Pacwa at 312-814-6529.



Agenda 10.16.17 (pdf)

Agenda 9.14.2017 (pdf)

Agenda 5.15.17 (pdf)

Agenda 4.27.17 (pdf)

Agenda 3.27.17 (pdf)

Agenda 3.8.17 (pdf)


Minutes 11.8.17 (pdf)

Minutes 10.16.17 (pdf)

Minutes 9.14.17 (pdf)

Minutes 5.15.17 (pdf)

Minutes 4.27.17 (pdf)

Minutes 3.27.17 (pdf)

Minutes 1.20.17 (pdf)


Children Families 11.7.17 (pdf)

Children Families Committee 10.10.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations 11.7.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations 10.3.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations 4.27.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations 4.18.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations 3.22.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations 3.7.17 (pdf)

Hub Spoke Subcommittee 10.31.17 (pdf)

MAT Provider Training Subcommittee 10.30.17 (pdf)

MAT in Primary Care (pdf)

MAT Committee 4.14.17 (pdf)

MAT Committee 3.23.17 (pdf)

MAT Committee 3.2.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices 11.2.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices 9.25.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices 4.19.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices 3.21.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices 3.3.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education 11.6.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education 10.13.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education 4.25.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education 3.24.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education 2.23.17 (pdf)

Committee Preliminary Recommendations 10.13.17 (pdf)

Committees Updates 3.27.17 (pdf)

Committees Preliminary Goals 3.8.17 (pdf)


Illinois Substance Use Helpline 11.08.17 (pptx)

PDMP and Child Welfare Roundtable (pdf)

Treating OUD in Community Health Setting (pdf)

Cook County Health (pdf)

Public Health (pdf)

SIU Medicine and Southern Illinois Health (pdf)

DCFS Presentation (pdf)

Intact Family Recovery Brochure 2014 (pdf)

Other Documents

Naloxone Procedures (pdf)

MAT for OUD Environmental Scan (pdf)

STR Warm Hand Off Services (pdf)

Illinois Opioid Action Plan 9.6.2017 (pdf)

State Targeted Response

Opioid Commission Interim Report (pdf)

Illinois Response to the Opioid Epidemic 1-20-17 (pdf)

Opioid hotline