Common Budget Issues and Solutions

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Issue Solution
Screens are not available when I go back. Use the navigation buttons within the CSA Application to move through the budget. Do not use your web browser's navigation buttons.
The budget keeps becoming unavailable. Do not idle in the CSA Application without saving your work. Some users experience a server error for idling for over 10 minutes. Once this error occurs, you'll need to exit your Internet browser and open it again to continue.
I can't see how the budget looks before asking my Executives to sign. You can view the PDF version of your budget by selecting the "Print Budget" option in the CSA Tracking System. This feature is not available during the review of the budget by your CFO and Executive Director. Once you submit your budget to IDHS, then you will have the ability to print a version of the budget again.
My direct costs are much higher than what I entered. OR, your budget is unexpectedly too many pages. It's likely your indirect cost category page is the issue. The indirect cost totals may have saved to the tables multiple times and this causes issues in the database. The fix has been to delete the Indirect Cost category (not the individual line items) and add it back. You will need to delete the Indirect Cost category by clicking the "Delete Category" in the indirect cost category page and add that category over. No need to delete the entire budget. Deleting each individual indirect cost line does not solve the problem. Please use the "Delete Category" button. This will eliminate all duplicated entries and leave you with just the one good list of entries. If this doesn't work, then select "Delete Category" on the page cost category page that is the issue and reenter that cost category.
My executives cannot access the budget. If your CFO and Executive need access to the CSA System, please follow the instructions here:
My budget summary total is close but not exactly equal to the amount requested from IDHS. You may have to click "Certify Budget Total Rounding" on the summary page to acknowledge the discrepancy before submitting to your Executives for signature.
My indirect costs category page was limiting my indirect cost base to less than the appropriate amount. Delete the indirect cost category page and reenter the information. This was fixed in the 6.9.17 release.
Even though I do not have signature authority, I used to be able to approve the budget. Now I cannot.

Prior to the 6.9.17 release, if a person accessed the Signature page but did not have the proper GATA Budget Executive Sign-Off role, the system would give a Warning that the person was not authorized to sign but could complete signatures anyway. With the 6.9.17 release, the system gives a Warning and disables the signature buttons.

The instructions to give executive signature authority are available at