Welcome to the latest edition of the DDD Scoop. I am pleased to announce that Division of Developmental Disabilities' recorded Webinars are available to view or earn Continuing Education Credits. Webinars are sorted by name in alphabetical order. For a complete list, go to: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=81882

Ethics Training

Annual Ethics Training for Division employees will begin May 9. Supervisors are reminded to ensure that staff that do not have access to computer equipment are provided opportunities to complete the on-line training. The training period ends June 7, but we urge you to complete the training as soon as possible. All employees will be receiving additional information shortly.

Home Based Services and Service Facilitation

We want to take this opportunity to reiterate that individuals and families have the option to continue purchasing Service Facilitation under Home Base Services (HBS) effective July 1, 2017. It has come to our attention that families are being pressured to continue purchasing Service Facilitation. Please note that you are not required to purchase Service Facilitation as a component of your HBS services. Service Facilitation, as well as all other services under HBS, is an option for you and is your decision.

This information is being shared with Independent Service Coordination (ISC) and Service Facilitation agencies. As the ISC representative meets with you during this fourth quarter, they will explain all options available to you and provide you with information so that you can make an informed decision.

We do apologize for any misunderstandings. If you feel you continue to be pressured into purchasing Service Facilitation, please contact Troy Markert at Troy.Markert@illinois.gov or 217-785-6171.

Life Choices Update

The link below contains a webinar titled Overview of Life Choices. This webinar is the first in a series and introduces you to upcoming changes regarding the Person Centered process. The webinar was designed for all stakeholders in the Developmental Disability system and is for information purposes only. No Continuing Education Credits will be awarded. Please feel free to share this or the companion PDF with others who may not have access.

To view the Webinar, click here https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6925994549886236417

To view the PDF handout, click here: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/OneNetLibrary/27896/documents/By_Division/Division%20of%20DD/LifeChoices/OverviewoLifeChoicesSeriesWebinar1042417.pdf

Other webinars in this series will include an overview of the Person Centered process, the Discovery and Personal Plan processes, and the Implementation Strategies. These webinars will be presented and available the last half of May. The Division will post notification of each webinar as they become available.

Currently ISC agency staff is being trained in the Discovery and Personal Plan development process. These trainings are specific to the upcoming changes and the enhanced role the ISC will play in developing the Personal Plan. Approximately 200 ISC staff were trained as of April 30, 2017. The remaining 270 ISC staff will be trained by June 28, 2017.

The Division is reviewing and revising the Discovery Tool and the Personal Plan that will be utilized beginning July 1, 2017. These documents along with related guidelines will be posted on the DHS website allowing for a public comment period. These documents will be posted this month.

NCI Staff Stability Survey

Approximately six weeks after initiation of Illinois' first staff stability survey, nearly 22% of providers have completed their survey. With eight weeks remaining, we still have a ways to go to accomplish our target of full participation by all eligible providers! Please see the chart below for an update on the progress made since the last issue of the DDD Scoop.

For more information on the NCI Staff Stability Survey, readers are encouraged to view the recorded webinar (from May 2, 2017) which may be found on the DHS website at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/5518730717208771331 or visit the National Core Indicators website at www.nationalcoreindicators.org. For assistance or questions related to participation in the Illinois survey, please contact Jayma Bernhard Page at Jayma.Bernhard@illinois.gov or 217-782-9460.

POM Outcome #4 People have the best possible health

Everyone has a personal definition of best possible health. Whatever that definition is, feeling healthy helps us to achieve other goals in life. We look for support from health professionals to help us define options and interventions. The goal of the health intervention is for people to have the best possible health given their own health status. With support from their health care professionals, people determine if services facilitate their "best possible health". Organizations provide referrals as needed for specialized services.

Questions: How have you explored health issues with the person? What supports does the person need to achieve or maintain best possible health? How do you assist the person to overcome identified barriers to this outcome?

Reference: CQL--The Council on Quality and Leadership's Person Outcome Measures Manual, Copyright 2005.

Post Payment Review of Developmental Training

During the course of conducting a post-payment review of Developmental Training services, the Division became aware that some providers are billing services under the Developmental Training program, even though those services could meet the definition of Group Supported Employment. The services in question were provided in an integrated setting away from the Developmental Training site.

The Division wishes to ensure providers are aware that individuals can participate in multiple day programs, as long as these programs are incorporated into Individual Service Plans and meet applicable service definitions. As an example, a person could attend Developmental Training services at a certified site five days per week, but only attend half days on Tuesdays and Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday afternoon then, the person might participate in a group Supported Employment Program away from the certified Developmental Training site. In that case, the provider could bill the Division for Group Supported Employment services for the time on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at a higher rate than it would receive for Developmental Training services.

If anyone has questions about Supported Employment services or participation in multiple day program options, please contact Paul Morell at 217-782-5919.

On the Move

On April 28, 2017 Jerry Stam, Deputy Director of State Operated Developmental Centers was honored by friends, families and co-workers at a Retirement Tea held at Shapiro Center. In keeping with one of Jerry's passions, golf was the theme of the event. Jerry is pictured below receiving a plaque of honor from me.

Jerry Stam Retires

With the retirement of Jerry, I am pleased to announce that Tiffany Bailey has assumed the role of Acting Deputy Director - SODC Operations. Tiffany began working closely with Jerry in June 2015 when he became Acting Deputy Director - first as Assistant to Deputy Director of State Operated Developmental Centers and most recently as Associate Deputy Director for SODC Operations/Regional Division. Jerry, Tiffany and Regional Division staff worked on overall management and oversight of the seven state operated developmental centers. In December 2016 she also assumed responsibility for the Short Term Stabilization homes and the Support Service Teams. Tiffany has a wealth of experience with individuals with developmental disabilities and a track record of progressive growth within the state operated developmental system.

Launch of Equip for Equality Employment Rights Helpline

I am pleased to announce that as a result of a grant from The Chicago Community Trust, Equip for Equality will be able to provide free legal advice for employees and job seekers in Illinois. This initiative aims to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Illinois. Helpline staff can:

  • Discuss your rights under the ADA
  • Answer your employment rights questions
  • Assist with reasonable accommodation requests
  • Help you understand your options
  • Share fact sheets, sample letters and forms
  • Provide referrals
  • Offer other assistance as required

Contact Information:

State Operated Developmental Center News

Choate Center: Choate had a very successful Bring your Daughters and Sons to Work Day on April 27. Twenty-four children ranging in age from 8-18 participated. They spent the day with an outside tour of the grounds, an informational slideshow of Choate from origin to current day, a demonstration from Speech and Hearing with sign language tutorial and had an opportunity to sample "Thick-It" (a product used to minimize swallowing difficulties), a detailed tour of multiple vocational programs and a tour of our self-sufficient Power Plant. They also spoke with Bryant Davis, Center Director. Lunch was provided by Local 141. The children ended the day with a look at some of the famous Choate tunnels. This was the third annual Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day held at the Center.

Fox Center: Fox Center received 12 free tickets to attend White Sox baseball games. Six individuals were accompanied by staff.

Kiley Center: Thirteen individuals were able to attend a Chicago Cubs game on April 27. The Kiley Center would like to give special thanks to Reginald Booker from Ludeman Center for his assistance in obtaining these tickets.

Kiley Center: On April 19, six staff from Unit 5 took on seven staff from Unit 2 for the first annual staff basketball game. The game was intense with the score tied at 23 at half time. In the second half the game was taken over by Unit 2 player Hasan Ahmad - who scored 13 points. Kiley staff and individuals enjoyed the game. Members of both teams are commended for their donation of time and energy to satisfy the Kiley individuals and putting on one of the best basketball games to ever occur on the Kiley Gymnasium floor. The scoreboard reflects the outcome with Unit 2 taking the victory.

Kiley Basket Ball.

Ludeman Center: Twenty-three children and young adults attended Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at Ludeman. Participants learned about a variety of different professions, toured the facility, played "Family Feud" and received certificates of attendance from Director Greg Fenton.

Mabley Center: Practice continues for Mabley's Special Olympics athletes as they prepare for the upcoming Spring Games.

Murray Center: Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day was celebrated at Murray, and a special thank you goes out to all the activity staff and Laurie Kohnen for organizing the activities for the participants. Children toured the center, participated in a craft activity, scavenger hunt, and lunched at the Rainforest Café (courtesy of Center Director, Mary Ann Smith). The children were able to shadow their parent as the staff completed their work duties. It was a fun day for all.

Shapiro Center: Kankakee Community College (KCC) reached out last week to inform Shapiro Center that Best Buddies has officially opened a chapter at KCC. They have relayed to us that they are really looking forward to pairing with more participants at Shapiro.

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Finally, since our last edition of the DDD Scoop, I am pleased to report that a number of DHS components held Bring your Child to Work events similar to the celebration described above at the Murray Center. I commend all who planned these events, as I believe they are extremely invaluable on so many levels. I attended a celebration at the Ludeman Center, and I had the pleasure of speaking to the children. I urged them to ask a lot of questions throughout the day and to observe the important work their parents and their parents' coworkers perform each and every day. I apologized to them if I was the first person to tell them that homework doesn't end after they graduate from school. I added that in order for their parents to perform well on the job, they must get plenty of rest, show up on time, and come to work prepared for a wide variety of planned and unplanned events. I encouraged the children to follow their parents' lead - to study hard and to do their homework in order to prepare themselves for life as an adult.

I firmly believe that one of the major responsibilities of today's leaders is to produce the leaders of tomorrow - and that process starts with the planting of seeds. Nelson Mandela once said, "The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow". So, I hope throughout the various Bring Your Child to Work events, we planted seeds deep in the minds of our children that will spark interest in learning more about the important work we do and interest in how we make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

It is my sincere hope that the seeds we planted during these invaluable events will grow and produce tomorrow's leaders in the field of developmental disabilities in order to continue our important work when all of us have moved on.

Have a great weekend!