Grant Agreement Invoice & Reporting Requirements

FY19 Instructions and Requirements

FY20 Instructions and Requirements

Please refer to each Uniform Grant Agreement Exhibits B, C, E, and F for invoice and reporting instructions and requirements.  You may also refer to the FY20 DHS/DMH Grant Invoice and Reporting Matrix (xlsx) for a quick reference.


The standard DMH Grants Invoice/PFR (xls) template should be used for DMH programs that are reimbursed via invoice.  This standard invoice will also be accepted as the Periodic Financial Report (PFR) for programs that utilize this invoice template.

There are a few programs that cannot utilize the standard DMH invoice template and have program specific invoice templates as follows:

DMH Programs that receive advance pay and do not require Grantees to submit an invoice for reimbursement will have specific instructions delineated in Exhibit C of the Uniform Grant Agreement.  Only these programs require submission of a quarterly Periodic Financial Report (PFR) (DMH Grants Invoice/PFR (xls)).  Quarterly PFRs do not require a signature, only a typed name and title of authorized grantee representative, date submitted, email, and phone number in the Grantee Certification section.

Grantees should select the applicable invoice template (if required), complete all required fields, print, sign, date, and scan to DMH at the email address indicated in the exhibits and the invoice template.

Grantee reimbursements will be disbursed after the invoice is correctly completed, submitted and approved by DMH Fiscal.

Periodic Performance Reports

Performance reporting has 2 elements that are required quarterly for all grants:

  • Part I - a standard GOMBGATU-4001 (pdf) template, which is required for all DMH grants.  Instructions for this template are included with the document.
  • Part II - a grant specific DMH Excel Performance Report Template by Program (PRTP) which is used in lieu of items 14 through 22 on the GOMBGATU-4001.

The GOMBGATU-4001 will capture information common to all DMH grants, while the PRTP is designed to capture the specific programmatic deliverables of each grant.  Be sure to check the red box on the GOMBGATU-4001 under item #13 and enter "Information included on DHS/DMH provided program template," in the text box below the red check box.  Continue completing items 23-26.  Below are links to the PRTPs for each program.

The GOMBGATU-4001 and PRTP do not require a signature.  The GOMBGATU-4001 only requires a typed name and title of authorized grantee representative, email, and phone number in the Grantee Certification section.

All Periodic Performance Reports, PPR, and PRTP, should be submitted to

Notices will be sent to any grantee missing due dates to prompt compliance and avoid stop payment.

Report Labeling for Submission

Please follow the below Program 580 Crisis Staffing example for labeling protocol to ensure documents are directed to the appropriate place for processing.

  • For the Invoice: "Agency Name_FY20_Q1_July_580_Crisis Staffing Invoice"
  • For the Periodic Financial Report (PFR) only if invoice is not required using DMH Grants Invoice/PFR template: "Agency Name_FY20_Q1_July_580_Crisis Staffing_PFR"
  • For the Periodic Performance Report (PPR) using GOMBGATU-4001 template: "Agency Name_FY20_Q1_July_580_4001_PPR"
  • For the Periodic Performance Report using DMH Performance Report Template by Program (PRTP): "Agency Name_FY20_Q1_July_580_Excel_PRTP"

NOTE: If a grant agreement is paid via invoice, no separate quarterly PFR is required.

Williams and Colbert Consent Decree Grant Invoices Containing Protected Health Information

For a few of the Williams and Colbert Consent Decree grants, special emailing instructions apply to protect consumer protected health information (PHI) that is required on the invoice template.  Grantees should follow instructions included on the program specific invoice template.  These specific Williams and Colbert invoices must be encrypted and sent to a specific person as noted below.

Williams invoices must be encrypted to Rebecca Paz and Connie Mariscal-Garcia and submitted to:

Colbert invoices must be encrypted to Rebecca Paz and submitted to

For detailed instructions on DMH Grant Systems Access Invoicing and Reporting, see the PowerPoint: DMH Grant Systems Access Invoicing and Reporting (pptx)

Contact Kim Benson at for accessible versions of templates.

For questions regarding programs and document requirements, please refer to your Program Contact.