New Version of the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)

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State of Illinois CRV users, 

Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) Staff and Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Staff have completed the process of migrating all CRV users over to a new version of the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV). 

Please read the information below concerning usage and access to the new version of the CRV.

DoIT staff have prepared the following Closed Captioned Videos (no audio) for a preview of the new CRV:

  1. CRV Full Video
  2. CRV Presentation-Introduction
  3. CRV MyInfo Tab Overview
  4. CRV Provider Tab Overview
  5. CRV Document Upload
  6. CRV Document Search
  7. CRV Provider Settings, Help and Logout

If you are a current CRV user

Please note the following changes to your user ID ( for access to the new version of the CRV

  1. When accessing the old version of the CRV you were required to enter your ID as your (firstname.lastname or the naming sequence which was issued to you by DoIT).
  2. When accessing the New CRV you will need to enter your ID as (firstname.lastname or the naming sequence which was issued to you by DoIT followed by "").

Please use the following web link for access to the new CRV: CRV Login

If you have an ID and Haven't Logged in for a while?  You may need to reset your password

  • If you haven't logged in for a while your account may have been suspended. To reactivate your account automatically, click here to Reset Your Password/Unlock Your Account.
  • To Reset Your Password or Account by Phone: Please call the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology Service Desk [217-524-DoIT (3648) or 312-814-DoIT (3648)] and after the voice prompts, press #1 for software assistance and then press #1 for password reset.

If you do not have an ID you will need obtain one to complete the CRV Registration Process

First time Registration Process

To register for the CRV, please follow the steps, in order, outlined below:

  1. Obtain an ID - Important: Please answer all questions exactly as printed on your State of Illinois issued driver's license, as this is how we verify your identity.
    • For Providers based in Illinois that have Illinois drivers licenses you may obtain your ID from State of Illinois DoIT Identity Management System.
    • For non-Illinois Provider or individuals with Non-Illinois Driver's licenses - Please contact us via or by calling (217) 558-5559 or (217) 524-0398 for additional requirements needed to receive an ID.
  2. Request for Registration - Once you have obtained your Login ID:
    • Title the email "Request for CRV Registration"
    • Include your name, your organizations name and your FEIN.
  • Once the "Request for CRV Registration" email is received and processed by the CRV support staff you will be sent an email with an "Invitation Key Code" which you will need to complete the following: CRV Registration Form
  • Once the Registration Process has been completed and approved you will be notified by email.


Please use the following web link for access to the new CRV once to have access rights: CRV Login

Application Requirements for the CRV:

  1. Provider Contact must have an ID from the State of Illinois DoIT Identity Management System.
  2. Provider must have a DUNS Number and FEIN tax ID.
  3. Provider must complete and submit the CRV Registration form.
  4. Provider MUST be granted approval by a CRV Administrator BEFORE attempting to login. Notification of approval will be sent via email.

If you have any questions or need assistance concerning the new version of the CRV or the old version of the CRV please send an email to: or call (217) 558-5559 or (217) 524-0398

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