Welcome to the latest edition of the DDD Scoop. I am pleased to announce a new feature for the DDD Scoop. We would like to highlight various grassroots organizations that contribute greatly to the quality of life for individuals in Illinois. If you know of such an organization in your area, please feel free to submit their name and contact information to Jennifer.Elders@illinois.gov. Below please find the first in a series we hope to publish on a somewhat regular basis.

Connect to Community

Back in 2013, four mothers with vision and drive came together in an attempt to build a better future for their young adult children with developmental disabilities as they approached their high school graduation. These mothers were interested in a "meaningful day and a meaningful life" and found there were not many options for employment or creative day services in their area. Together they founded Connect to Community (CTC), a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to "finding and facilitating purposeful employment and enjoyment for adults with developmental disabilities." Less than four years later they have developed a database of 120 young adults (18 years and older), 300 parents and 80 educators from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. They serve the Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO) catchment area (High School Districts 211 and 214) by offering social and volunteer activities, seminars, informational tours, an annual transition summit, micro-business opportunities and Customized Employment services. They also work hard to network and partner with area educators, service providers, legislators, community organizations and businesses to raise awareness of their mission and to bring to light the needs and concerns of the families they serve.

The President of CTC, Linda Hall, one of the four founding members, can be reached through the email noted below. She believes that employment should be an option for every individual and wants to continue to expand networking opportunities and advocate for more quality choices for individuals and families. Barb Tobias, another founding member, is heading up the Customized Employment initiative - which, while in its beginning states, is a primary focus for future expansion.

For more information, please email them at ConnectToCommunityInc@gmail.com or visit their website at www.ConnectToCommunityInc.org.

On the Move

Nancy Moore joined the Bureau of Clinical Services as a Quality Review Nurse Specialist on March 1, 2017. Nancy received her Registered Nurse (RN) license from Lincoln Land Community College and began her nursing career at St. John's Hospital working in surgery and then later working in the delivery room. She worked at Hope School, which sparked her interest in working with individuals who have developmental disabilities. For the past 13 years, Nancy has worked at SIU School of Medicine in the OBGYN department and the Genetics department. Nancy has been married to her husband for 36 years and they have two sons.

National Core Indicators Staff Survey

As noted in previous issues of The DDD Scoop, Illinois will be participating in the 2016 Staff Stability Survey. Next week, survey links will be sent by email to developmental disabilities providers that employ DSPs and provide services and supports to adults (age 18 and older). The email will be labeled with the subject Illinois NCI Staff Stability Survey 2016 and will be from Dorothy Hiersteiner (dhiersteiner@hsri.org).

Within the email will be the link to complete your survey online. Also included will be a link to a video tutorial with instructions on completing the survey.

Through previous communication with providers, we've done our best to ensure the survey email is directed to the correct designated person at each agency. If the person who receives the email is not the best person to provide information on DSP numbers/wages/benefits and on services provided by the agency, the email may be forwarded to another staff within the agency but should not be forwarded to outside entities. Emails that bounce back as undeliverable will result in a phone call follow up with Executive Directors to obtain corrected distribution information. Input from all providers is essential to provide complete data on the DSP workforce.

The deadline for completion of surveys is June 30, 2017. We urge you to watch The DDD Scoop for status reports on the percentage of providers that have responded.

For assistance, please contact Jayma Bernhard Page at Jayma.Bernhard@illinois.gov or by phone at 217-782-9460.

Webinars on the FY18 Grant Process

The GOMB Grant Accountability and Transparency Unit (GATU) is conducting two webinars for the FY18 grant process. Current grantees will be notified via an email blast from the contracts system, but we are providing the notice from GATU below. Please note these webinars are scheduled for various dates throughout March.

"GOMB's Grant Accountability and Transparency Unit (GATU) will provide training on the FY2018 grant process. You are invited to attend. Those at your organization who are responsible for any part of the grant process will find the training useful, including staff responsible for registration and pre-qualification, grant applications, financial reporting, or those who manage grants.

IDHS will send out information about the registration process via email as soon as it is available. You will also find this same information on the IDHS website at  http://intranet.dhs.illinois.gov/oneweb/page.aspx?item=85811 and it will be updated with registration information when we receive it.

Because these webinars will be offered to all state agency staff and grantees at the same time, the log-in connections will fill up quickly. Please try to organize in a way so that one log-in can cover a large group in order to allow more people to take advantage of each training session.

IDHS will conduct an additional, separate training explaining how to submit a grant budget through our CSA system. We will contact you again via email when that information is available. If you have questions, contact your program contact listed at www.grants.illinois.gov.

Updating Provider Contact Information

The Division is requesting that all agencies and individuals that submit billing to DHS ensure that the provider information in their Community Reporting System (ROCS) is accurate. It is important for providers, Division staff, and the individuals and families we serve that the Division be able to contact providers in an efficient, confidential, and timely way, including via traditional mail, e-mail, facsimile, and phone calls. There is information on the DHS website to check the Agency Information and Provider Record screens for accuracy. Please review these records and make any necessary changes.

Currently, the Division is experiencing letters being returned by the United States Postal Service as undeliverable due to inaccurate mailing addresses. We have also discovered that several individual providers continue to submit billings in ROCS under the provider's maiden name following a marriage. We address these situations as we discover them, but when we become aware of incorrect information, it is often in the midst of time-sensitive activity. We ask the cooperation of all providers, both agency-based and individual professionals, in maintaining accurate contact information.

In addition to changing the contact information in ROCS, please also be aware that certain providers may be required to update their information in IMPACT and the DHS billing system.

The IMPACT provider enrollment system is the database for Medicaid providers and any entities that are billing for other Medicaid providers. The system is maintained by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family services and all changes in contact information must be updated in IMPACT to ensure that HFS has the most up to date information. This includes changes in address, legal name, executive director or ownership changes, and billing provider information. Here, following, is the link to IMPACT: Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) system. If you need assistance with logging into this system, please contact the helpdesk at 1-888-618-8078 or via email at IMPACT.Login@Illinois.gov.

The DHS billing system is the database for the ROCS account information for agencies and individuals. Most individual providers do not have a ROCS account and do not need to have their information updated in this system. Individual providers only need to update their information in this system if they have their own ROCS account. To update contact information in the DHS billing system, please submit an IL462-0723 - PROVIDER / AGENCY / PAYEE INFORMATION UPDATE FORM (pdf) to:

Janene VanBebber

600 East Ash Street, Building400, 3rd floor

Springfield, IL 62703

Email: Janene.VanBebber@illinois.gov

Office Phone: 217-782-3719

Fax number: 217-558-2759

Questions or concerns about updating provider contact information may be addressed to Janene VanBebber.

New Provider Orientation

Save the Date!! New Provider Orientation days are scheduled for April 19, 2017 and October 19, 2017. More details to follow soon.

Ligas Family Advisory Committee

The Ligas Class Member/Family Advisory Committee met on January 18, 2017 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM via video conference sites at Chicago and Springfield. Agenda items included updates on Life Choices Committees, status reports from class counsel and Ligas monitor, and an update from the Division on recent Ligas activities. Fifteen people were in attendance.

The next meeting will be on April 19, 2017 with video conference locations in the Harris Building, Springfield and the Clinton Building, Chicago. For questions or comments, contact Dave Adden: Dave.Adden@Illinois.gov.

Person Centered Plan Pilot Update

In late January, the Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agencies began piloting the draft Person Centered Plan documents - the Discovery Tool and the Personal Plan - to develop person centered outcomes for someone currently receiving Individual Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA) services. Although there was some skepticism and uncertainty regarding the new process, overall, the pilot has received favorable and constructive feedback. For instance, one ISC agency staff, after completing the PCP pilot process commented that, "I'm actually quite excited about the new process. I think it will be a much more valuable and beneficial plan." During a recent discussion with the ISC agencies, another ISC agency staff reported that, "The pilot was a good experience and the open ended questions (during the Discovery process) were helpful."

After the pilot, the ISC agencies will provide the Division with feedback regarding the process and documents. This month, the documents and process will be finalized with input from stakeholders. Training on Person Centered Planning will occur Statewide in various formats, and will include all stakeholders beginning in April 2017.

Division of Developmental Disabilities Bureau Information

In late summer 2015, the DDD Scoop included information on key tasks and responsibilities for the various division bureaus. An update is attached to this mailing of the DDD Scoop.

SODC Operations News

Choate Center - Choate is fortunate to have a psychology intern working in its Medical Department. The intern has begun group psychotherapy on the Dual Diagnosis unit. The plan is to have groups focusing on anger management, boundaries, relationships and appropriate coping strategies.

Fox Center - Master Sergeant Jose De Jesus, Special Agent Sherise Gipson and Trooper Matt Myers with the Illinois State Police (ISP) were recently at Fox Center to give a presentation to the new class of Mental Health Technician Trainees. Following the presentation, the Acting Center Director and Center Investigator met with the ISP and a helpful discussion followed. Going forward, the ISP will provide a joint presentation with the Center Investigator for Mental Health Tech Training. It is anticipated that this cooperative teaching approach will highlight how the different agencies work in concert to ensure the safety of the individuals residing at the Center.

Kiley Center - A basketball game between the Kiley Kroakers and staff resulted in a Kroakers' victory. The final score was 39-38.

Ludeman Center - On March 16, the Parents and Friends of Ludeman Center will sponsor a Spring Fling Dinner Dance for Ludeman individuals at the Silver Lake Country Club in Orland Park.

Murray Center - The Murray Parents Association recently donated several new couches, recliners and chairs for the cottages. The Parents Association will continue purchasing items for the individuals on the cottages, as well as for the "Little House", the house that families use when visiting with their loved ones at Murray Center.

Shapiro Center - The pharmacy transition to its new location is halfway complete. The plan is that the pharmacy transition will be complete by the week of March 13. Staff has indicated that new packaging processes and procedures are much easier to follow.

Shapiro Center - Vocational Coordinators met to discuss community employment and share ideas to improve programs at the Center. Vocational Coordinators continue to explore opportunities for individuals to be involved in community employment. Lisa Robinson, Assistant Center Director and Nina Williams, Vocational Coordinator, visited a new local resale shop in Bourbonnais recently to discuss employment opportunities for individuals.

Leadership Lessons

Finally, I must say that I can't hardly believe that the start of the 2017 baseball season is less than a month away. Although I am a diehard New York Mets fan, I'm anxious to see how the Cubs will fare in 2017. In my humble opinion, throughout the entire 2016 season, the Cubs were far and away the best team in baseball. During the postseason in crucial moments - such as games when the team was facing elimination - time and time again they delivered. Since sports are often held up as a metaphor, there were a number of leadership lessons I gleaned from the Cubs' historic path to the World Series' trophy that I would like to share with you. They are as follows:

Lesson #1. Great leaders help team members effectively manage stressful situations. The Cubs Manager Maddon and veteran players were quite successful in relaxing players as they approached stressful situations. I remember an interesting exchange between Anthony Rizzo and David Ross when the stress was taking a toll on Rizzo. Ross advised Rizzo to "Relax and breathe because it was only going to get worse".

Lesson #2. Getting the best of out of every team member. Madden is a master at getting the best of each member of the team. His mantra for 2017: Uncomfortable - because, per Maddon, "the moment you get into your comfort zone, you're not wanting to grow". Maddon understands that everyone is wired differently, so a one-size-fits-all approach won't work. Instead, great leaders make it a point to get to know each team member and what makes him/her tick in order to know what buttons to press to bring out the best in each team member. This approach flies in the face of the conventional thinking that everyone should be treated the same.

Lesson #3. Every team member's role is important and every contribution can make a marked difference. In the tenth inning of World Series' Game 7 - after the rain delay - a key base-running decision by Albert Almora placed him in a strategic position to score an insurance run that the Cubs would need to win the World Series. Although Almora saw very little action in the postseason, his alert decision-making made a significant contribution to the game's outcome. The takeaway message is that no matter how small your role is an organization, it could make a significant contribution toward the success of an organization.

I'll try to internalize and reinforce the above lessons as we work through the challenges we will face in this calendar year.

Have a great weekend!