Information Regarding Changes to Service Facilitation in the Home-Based Services Program

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has informed Illinois that the existing provision that participants in the Home-Based Services (HBS) program must purchase Service Facilitation (SF) as a condition of participation is inconsistent with federal policy and that both the Adult and Children's Waiver renewal applications will not be approved until Illinois amends this requirement. Therefore, effective 7/1/17, participants in the HBS program will no longer be required to purchase SF, but may choose to do so on a voluntary basis as with other services they acquire from community agencies.

The Division has been working with a committed and representative group of stakeholders for the past year to assure that all individuals and families participating in the HBS program are properly informed of this change, understand their options moving forward and have access to information, materials and resources to assist them in making an informed decision about whether they wish to continue purchasing SF as a component of their HBS package. The items created by this group will serve as a resource to program participants, Service Facilitators, Independent Service Coordinators (ISC) and others to answer questions they may have about the role and purpose of SF, distinguish between the roles of ISC and SF staff, and understand what will be expected of individuals and families if they choose to forego SF and assume those duties themselves. These materials are posted on the Division's website and have also been shared with all community agencies that currently provide SF and ISC services, as well as current HBS participants.

During the coming months, the ISC's will be meeting with all HBS participants to discuss the option of retaining or ending the SF component of the HBS program and inform them of specific next steps to be taken based upon their decision. Individuals and families who have questions about the information contained here are encouraged to contact their current ISC or Service Facilitator for assistance.

The Division appreciates the ongoing communication and cooperation of all stakeholders during this period of transition and will keep you informed of any important updates during the coming months. Any questions or comments regarding this topic should be directed to Jennifer Elders, DDD Project Manager for Capacity Building Initiative at (217) 558-1426 or