Revised: CANTS Clearance Process

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Information Bulletin

Revised:  CANTS Clearance Process
October, 2016


This Information Bulletin will provide information to assist agencies in coordinating the required clearances for new agency hires or annual employee clearances with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). This will also assist in resolving Health Care Worker Registry issues associated with criminal background checks or DSP training records.

Process and Procedure

The revised DCFS process for required CANTS clearances is as follows:

  • Complete the CFS689 form requests and save as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file format.  Note: An image file is not accepted and if DCFS cannot open the file they cannot complete the request.
  • Make sure the form is signed, dated within the past year and with legible writing.
  • Email - do not mail or fax - Authorization For Background Check For Programs Not Licensed By DCFS (pdf) (CFS 689) form to:
  • Attach a maximum of 25 pdf file formatted CANTS form requests per email to:
  • Do not send duplicate requests.
  • If there is NO PRIOR history, you should receive a DCFS return email with the background result.
  • If there is a POSITIVE HIT on the background check results, DCFS will notify you by regular (not electronic) mail. 
  • Check your spam filter of the receiver (junk folder) that may capture the auto-reply.
    1. Clearances for Newly Hired Employees

      Include the word "Health Care" in the email's subject line.  It is important to attach the completed form: Authorization For Background Check For Programs Not Licensed By DCFS to receive an email auto-reply from DCFS in receipt of your email.

    2. Clearances for Annual Requirements

      Include the word "Annual" in the email's subject line.  It is important to attach the completed Authorization For Background Check For Programs Not Licensed By DCFS form to your "Annual" email to receive an auto-reply email from DCFS in receipt of your email.

  • Using the email processes and identifying either "Health Care" and "Annual" in the subject line allows DCFS to streamline processing and handle requests more efficiently.
  • If you have any questions about this informational bulletin, please contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities at:

Effective Date

The Information Bulletin is effective immediately upon posting as final.