Vision, Mission & Values

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.


It is the vision of the DMH that all persons with mental illnesses recover, and are able to participate fully in life in the community.
We envision a future when everyone with a mental illness will recover, a future when mental illnesses can be prevented or cured, a future when mental illnesses are detected early, and a future when everyone with a mental illness at any stage of life has access to effective treatment and supports essential for living, working, learning, and participating fully in the community.


Through collaborative and interdependent relationships with system partners, it is the Mission of the DMH, the State Mental Health Authority, to assure the provision of a recovery-oriented, evidence-based, community-focused, value-dedicated and outcome-validated mental health service system, in order to build the resilience and facilitate the recovery of persons with mental illnesses and to help maximize community supports and develop skills for persons with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbance.


Excellent mental health care and treatment with compassion and respect for every person who turns to the public mental health system for help. Goals for Comprehensive Community Networks for Mental Health Services:

  • Foster the continual development of a comprehensive public mental health system of care.
  • Improve the appropriateness and effectiveness of clinical interventions to match the changing needs of clients.
  • Develop appropriate tools and structures to manage resources and care.
  • Promote integration of service systems in order to provide a comprehensive array of mental health and support services.
  • Enhance staff competence through the development of skills and knowledge in leadership, management and clinical intervention.
  • Increase data-based decision-making in a continuous quality improvement environment.
  • Enhance and expand the involvement of consumers in the review, planning, evaluation and delivery of mental health services.
  • Expand the knowledge required for effective statewide service system planning through innovative projects and activities within networks.