Children Mental Health Awareness Day - May 5, 2016

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Illinois Celebrates National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

May 5, 2016

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The Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health is excited to invite Community Mental Health providers to participate with communities across the country in celebrating National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day sponsored by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

According to SAMHSA Finding Help. Finding Hope "explores how communities can improve access to behavioral health services and supports for children, youth, and young adults with mental and substance use disorders and their families." SAMHSA will host the Awareness Day 2016 national event on Thursday, May 5th in Washington, DC.

How can you participate in Awareness Day 2016?

  • Host an Awareness Day Live Event. Gather a group to watch the live webcast and email or tweet questions to the panel.
  • Participating in the Awareness Day 2016 Text, Talk, Act event (link is external). Through text messaging, small groups can receive discussion questions that lead them through a conversation about mental health.
  • Host a community-level forum on May 5, or another day in May, which is Mental Health Month. A community forum might involve a viewing of all or part of the national webcast live or on-demand, along with a discussion of the unique challenges and opportunities related to behavioral health care access in a particular location. Ideally, community forum audiences would include youth, young adults, and families, who are not currently in services, are new to services, or who need more information about accessing services and supports.
  • Sponsor a fun run, speakers, games, dancing, or lunch event at one of the schools, invite speakers to address topics including wellness, stress, mental illness, and defiant children.
  • Host Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Training.
  • Sponsor an art event to promote awareness of children's mental health.
  • Distribute green ribbons and green mental health fact cards to students.
  • Wear green wrist bands and t-shirts with a mental health message.
  • Let SAMHSA know about your event at .

Let's encourage everyone in Illinois to join in promoting children's mental health and how positive mental health is the key to a child's healthy development from birth.


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