Independent Service Coordination/Individualized Service and Support Advocacy Transfer Request

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Information Bulletin

Independent Service Coordination/Individualized Service and Support Advocacy Transfer Request
September, 2016


This information bulletin introduces a formalized process for individuals and guardians to select an Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency for their Individualized Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA) services. Although some ISC agencies previously offered this option on an informal basis, this option will now be uniform and available to all individuals in a Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver.


The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities (IDHS/DDD) contracts with ISC agencies to provide various functions, one of which is ISSA Services. ISSA services are only provided to individuals participating in a DD Waiver and provided by the ISC agency in their geographic area. Within ISSA services, service coordinators (ISC agency staff):

  • Monitor the general health, safety, and well-being of individuals in the Waiver.
  • Represent the IDHS/DDD's interests in determining whether waiver services are being provided in the best interest and to the satisfaction of individuals receiving the services.
  • Alert the Division when additional monitoring, intervention or technical assistance are necessary and provide support to individuals, guardians, and providers in working through a variety of service issues.

Process and Procedures

Individuals in a DD Waiver can now select an ISC agency to provide ISSA services. When individuals or guardians select an ISC agency outside of their residential geographic area:

Individuals who are not in a DD Waiver, those on the Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) database only, those who are a part of Bogard Specialized Services or for those whom only a Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) has been completed will continue to receive supports by the ISC agency in their geographic area.

  1. Individuals, Guardians, Families

    Important Note: only the individual receiving DD Waiver services or their guardian can initiate a request to change ISC agencies for ISSA services. Other parties should not direct or influence individuals to change to another ISC agency.  Please see information below:

    • If a request to change the current ISC agency is being made due to dissatisfaction with ISSA services, individuals will be given the opportunity to engage in a conflict resolution process with the current ISC agency management.
    • Individuals and guardians do not have to state their reason why or justify their decision to change ISC agencies for ISSA services, it is their right to choose.
    • Individuals can change ISC agencies for ISSA services no more than one time per fiscal year, (July 1st thru June 30th) except in cases of relocation of the individual or if approved by the DDD.
    • Individuals or guardians and families may not refuse ISSA services, it is a requirement of the DD Waivers.
  2. Independent Service Coordination Agency

    • The originating or current ISC agency will provide information to individuals and guardians regarding the possibility of selecting a different ISC agency from which they can receive ISSA services. This option will be shared:
      • During the Presentation and Selection of Service Options section of the Pre-admission and Screening (if applicable) process
      • During the individual's initial 30 day service plan meeting
      • During the annual service plan meeting.
    • When individuals change their ISC agency for ISSA services, the current agency will provide all relevant and required documentation in a timely manner to the new ISC agency.
    • When an individual changes their ISC agency, the new ISC agency will notify current service providers of the change.
    • The current ISC agency will offer Conflict Resolution to any individual indicating their desire to change ISC agencies for ISSA services.
    • An ISC agency may decline to serve any individual from outside their designated geographic area. This declination may be made for reasons of time, distance, reimbursement, staffing, or other cause.
    • The ISC Agency in the individual's geographical area cannot decline to provide ISSA to individuals in their geographical area.
    • After a change in ISC agencies has occurred, the new ISC agency will be allowed to bill the remaining ISSA hours (billing code 50D) to serve the new individual as well as up to 3 additional hours for the transition. The additional hours must be requested through a Request to Exceed 25-Hour Individual Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA) Services Cap (IL462-4451) form. The DDD will not increase ISSA hours to cover additional transportation time.
    • Receiving ISC agencies must have an adequate number of Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals (QIDPs) to deliver all the required and needed services when considering serving individuals from other geographic areas.
    • ISC agencies must track ISSA Transfer Request that comes from outside their assigned geographic areas both accepted and denied.
    • ISC agencies must maintain a log that includes the Names of individuals and guardians, individuals/guardians contact information, the date of request, the date of acceptance or denial, and the sending/current ISC agency.
  3. Division of Developmental Disabilities

    • Will mediate any situations where an individual or guardian wants to change their ISC agency for ISSA services and no agency agrees to serve that individual. The current ISC agency who has geographical ties will continue to serve the individual until a new ISC Agency can be found.
    • Will be available to consult in crisis situations requiring a change of ISC agency for ISSA services.

Effective Date

This Information Bulletin and form are effective immediately upon posting as a final.