WAG 19-07-07

A household meeting the criteria (PM 19-07-01) is enrolled into Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) status for the regular roll month upon completion of a face-to-face REDE.

A case in Mid-Point Reporting status is redetermined every 12-months with an interim Mid-Point Report form completed in the 6th month of the household's approval period.

During the approval period, a SNAP household in Mid-Point Reporting status is required to:

  • Report when their income exceeds their Gross Monthly Income Standard, see PM 19-07-06.
  • Report changes related to the questions asked on the Mid-Point Report form.
  • Comply with New Hire Requirements.

For SNAP, no action is needed if the household reports no changes. For TANF, hours worked must always be verified even if the household reports no changes. Paystubs must be provided when Question #4 is answered "Yes".

A TANF (no SNAP) Mid-Point Reporting Unit is only responsible to report changes related to their Mid-Point Report form and at REDE.

No Changes Reported

  • For SNAP, if the household reports no changes, document the report of no change in the case record. No further action is required. 
  • For TANF, hours of employment must be verified, even if no changes are reported on the Mid-Point Report form. The Work Number may be used to verify hours worked.

Customer Reports a Change

If a change is reported, a case is updated with the appropriate change by scheduled cut-off for the next effective month.

new manual material If a change is reported timely at MPR, the change should be included in the budget for the 7th month of the approval period.

  • For SNAP, a reported change on the Mid-Point Report form is not verified for SNAP, unless it is an income reported change to Question #4.
  • For TANF, verify hours of employment and other reported changed as appropriate (PM 03-13-01-c). The Work Number may be used to verify hours worked.

Form 2890 Submitted Incomplete or Unsigned

  • If the Mid-Point Report form is incomplete, or unsigned, or verification is needed, send a written request to the household. Allow the household 10 calendar day to take the required action.

Form 2890 Not Returned

  • If the Mid-Point Report form is not returned or if the required verification is not provided:
    • SNAP only or SNAP households with AABD/Refugee cash and/or medical or FHP medical will have their SNAP benefits canceled.
    • TANF households with or without SNAP will be swapped to medical only.

 Form 2890 Returned after Due Date But Before the 7th Month in the Approval Period

  • Benefits are reinstated if the Mid-Point Report form is received: 
    • before the end of month 6 in the household's approval period. Benefits are not prorated, or
    • after month 6 but before the end of month 7. Benefits are prorated from the date of receipt.
  • The household must file a new application if the Mid-Point Report form is received after the 7th month.

Note: If a case is reinstated without requiring a new application the original approval period is not changed.