WAG 19-07-07

Mid-Point Reporting Households

  • A household meeting the criteria (PM 19-07-01) is enrolled into Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) status for the regular roll month upon completion of a face-to-face REDE.
  • A household in Mid-Point Reporting status is redetermined every 12-months with an interim Mid-Point Report form completed in the 6th month of the household's approval period.
  • During the approval period, a SNAP household in Mid-Point Reporting status is required to:
  • Report when their income exceeds their Gross Monthly Income Standard, see PM 19-07-06.
  • Report changes related to the questions asked on the Mid-Point Report form.
  • Comply with New Hire Requirements.

Mid-Point Report Due Date

revised manual text A Mid-Point Report is mailed in the 5th month of the household's approval period with a return due date of the 2nd day in the 6th month.

new manual materialMid-Point Report Not Returned - Reminder Notice Sent 

  • A Mid-Point Report Reminder - Action Required notice is mailed to Mid-Point Reporting households who have not returned a Mid-Point Report form by the due date. The reminder notice is mailed two work days following the due date of the Mid-Point. Report.
  • The household must complete and return a Mid-Point Report within 10 days of the date of the reminder notice.
  • A Mid-Point Reporting household is ineligible for SNAP or SNAP/TANF if it:
    • does not submit a complete a Mid-Point Report by the due date; and
    • does not comply with the reminder notice within 10 calendar days of the date of notice.
  • A notice of adverse action will be mailed to household when benefits are canceled.

new manual materialMid-Point Report Returned within 10 days of the Reminder Notice

  • If a Mid-Point Reporting household returns a complete Mid-Point Report after the due date, but within 10 calendar days of the date of the reminder notice, the Mid-Point Report is processed no later than 10 days after the household's normal issuance date.
  • If verification of an expense is requested and not provided, SNAP eligibility and benefit amount is determined without allowing a deduction for the expense which was reported but not verified.
  • If after the Mid-Point Report is process, verification is later provided, treat the information like the SNAP household reported a change in circumstances (see PM 18-04-00).

Mid-Point Report Returned Incomplete or Unsigned

If the Mid-Point Report form is incomplete, or unsigned, or verification is needed, send a written request to the household. Allow the household 10 calendar days to take the required action.

Mid-Point Report Returned

Timely processing

The entry of the MPR received date will prevent the EDG from closing. Process the MPR by schedule cut-off to ensure continuation of benefits.

No Change Reported

  • For SNAP, no action is needed if the household reports no changes. Document the report of no changes in case comments. No further action is required.
  • A TANF (no SNAP) Mid-Point Reporting Unit is only responsible to report changes related to their Mid-Point Report form and at REDE.
  • For TANF, hours of employment must always be verified, even if no changes are reported on the Mid-Point Report form. The Work Number may be used to verify hours worked.
  • Paystubs must be provided when Question #4 is answered "Yes".

 Change Reported

  • If a change is reported, the case is updated with the appropriate change by scheduled cut-off for the next effective month.
  • new manual material If a change is reported timely at the Mid-Point Report, the change should be included in the budget for the 7th month of the approval period.
  • revised manual textFor SNAP, only verify changes reported in Question #4 and for a new report of a child support obligation that was not reported in the previous 6 month contact.
  • For TANF, verify hours of employment and other reported changed as appropriate (PM 03-13-01-c). The Work Number may be used to verify hours worked.

Mid-Point Report Returned after Due Date But Before the 7th Month in the Approval Period

  • Benefits are reinstated if the Mid-Point Report form is received: 
    • before the end of month 6 in the household's approval period. Benefits are not prorated, or
    • after month 6 but before the end of month 7. Benefits are prorated from the date of receipt.
  • The household must file a new application if the Mid-Point Report form is received after the 7th month.

Note: revised manual textIf a case is reinstated without requiring a new application assign the same approval period that the household had at the time of cancelation. The approval period does not change.