CILA providers are surveyed for licensure purposes by the Department of Human Services, Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure, and Certification (BALC). A provider in "good standing" is licensed for three (3) years. The frequency of reviews by BALC during that three-year period depends on the score of the initial review of that period. Providers scoring 93% OR HIGHER will be reviewed three (3) years. All other providers will be reviewed yearly.

Please see Explanation of BALC Percentages of Compliance for CILA Providers for a description of the levels of compliance with Administrative Rule 115 as determined by BALC. Corrective actions required are also explained

The table below lists the names of the CILA providers surveyed in FY16, with the percent of compliance with Administrative Rule 115.

Agency Name Survey Date CILA Survey CILA Level % CILA Compliance
A+ Autism Solutions, Inc. 02/09/16 Full II 96.85%
Achievement Unlimited, Inc. 10/15/15 Full II 94.54%
Alexian Brothers Center for Mental Health 12/07/15 Full II 95.81%
Austin Special Chicago 09/09/15 Full II 97.00%
Beverly Hills Home Care, Inc. 02/11/16 Full III 84.11%
Beverlyfarm Living Options 10/23/15 Full II 92.64%
Brooke Hill Management, Inc. 10/23/15 Full II 99.07%
Center for Disability Services 07/23/15 Full III 81.15%
Christian County Mental Health Association 11/12/15 Full I 100.00%
Community Residential Alternatives, Inc. (CRA) 09/16/15 Full II 96.99%
Community Workshop and Training Center 09/18/15 Full I 100.00%
Cornerstone Services, Inc. 09/22/15 Full III 83.44%
Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois 11/03/15 Full II 93.14%
CTF Illinois 09/24/15 Full II 98.51%
Devora's Dream, Inc. 01/27/16 Full II 98.20%
Elm City Rehabilitation Center 02/19/16 Full II 97.31%
Families Building Dreams, LLC 07/16/15 Full II 96.09%
Family Counseling Center, Inc. 10/23/15 Full I 100.00%
Frances House, Inc. 10/08/15 Full II 99.04%
Futures Unlimited, Inc. 10/16/15 Full II 96.35%
Gateway Services, Inc. 09/18/15 Full II 97.66%
Homes of Hope, Inc. 02/11/16 Full II 99.54%
Hope Institute for Children and Families 01/21/16 Full II 96.60%
Horizon House of Illinois Valley, Inc. 10/30/15 Full II 94.87%
Jewish Child and Family Service 07/14/15 Full I 100.00%
Joseph Rehabilitation Center, LLC 07/29/15 Full II 93.17%
Living in a Family Environment Management Corp. 10/08/15 Full II 98.08%
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois 09/18/15 Full II 94.52%
Malcom Eaton Enterprises 11/18/15 Full II 94.97%
Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois 11/19/15 Full I 100.00%
Midwest Care, Inc., d/b/a/ Kin Care, Inc. 10/02/15 Full II 98.74%
Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. 10/09/15 Full II 99.77%
New Foundation Center 02/03/16 Full III 86.99%
PACTT Learning Center 09/02/15 Full II 93.57%
Pinnacle Opportunities, Inc. 10/20/15 Full II 99.01%
Pillars 09/18/15 Full II 95.02%
Redempta Services, NFP 07/22/15 Full II 97.25%
Rehabilitation and vocational Education, Inc. 12/18/15 Full II 95.72%
Rimland Services, NFP 09/03/15 Full II 93.39%
Royal Living Center, Inc. 08/28/15 Full II 99.23%
Search Inc 08/27/15 Full II 97.54%
Sertoma Centre, Inc. 12/04/15 Full II 97.44%
Southeastern Residential Alternatives, Inc. 10/29/15 Full II 98.64%
St. Coletta of Wisconsin 10/05/15 Full III 91.33%
Support Systems and Services 12/11/15 Full II 97.91%
Washington County vocational Workshop 02/05/16 Full II 96.49%