ROCS Version 5.07/6.03 Download Instructions

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updated 8/2/2018

ROCS Version 5.07 and 6.03 Download Instructions

Click on the following link to download the executable:

The window below will appear - carefully type in the user name and password exactly as it is below

  • The User name is  ROCS.User
  • The Password  is  DHSnet1616

Then click on the Sign On Button to access the information

installation step 1
On the next screen below, click on Go To Your Default Folder

installation step 2

On the screen below click on either rocsw507.exe or dhscrs603.exe - depending on what you CURRENTLY have installed on your computer. Then click on the download icon on the far right side of the screen.

Installation 3

A new window will be displayed with "/Distribution/DHS/ROCS/rocsw507.exe"  or "/Distribution/DHS/ROCS/dhscrs603.exe" at the top.  Below that you will find a File Actions section where you will click on the Download button to continue with the download of the software

Then you will be given an option to RUN or SAVE the installation.

Run or save

You can RUN the installation directly from this site and the software will install as it normally does.

Or you can SAVE the executable to your computer. Most computers will automatically save this in your Download folder. If your computer does this, then move it to your PRS folder and RUN the installation from there by double clicking on the executable.  This will launch the executable and the software can be installed in the same manner as all other versions of the software.

If you have any problems, please email the ROCS Technical Support Team at