FAQ's for the DHS Provider Year-End Consolidated Financial Report (CFR)

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Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to DHS Year End Financial Reporting


Q: Are the PowerPoint Slides that were used in the training sessions available on-line?

A: Yes, the power point slides used in the training are available at: Sample DHS Year End Financial Reporting Requirements (PowerPoint Presentation) (pdf). Please contact the Office of Contract Administration at 217-524-0398 if you need further assistance.

Common Questions Regarding: What are the DHS Year End Financial Reporting Requirements?


Q: Are fee for service contracts exempt from having to complete a Year End Consolidated Financial Report (CFR).

A: No. Fee for service contracts are not exempt from completing an FY2016 Year End Consolidated Financial Report (CFR).

Q: How does a Provider know whether to complete the Grant Report or Consolidated Financial Report?

A: Please review your DHS Reporting Checklist, which was sent to you certified mail in May, to determine if you need to complete the Grant Report or a Consolidated Financial Report. If you still have questions, please send an email to DHS.FY16Reporting@Illinois.gov for further assistance, or you may call the Office of Contract Administration at 217-524-0398.

Q: If Providers are subject to submitting a Grant Report then do they still need to complete the Consolidated Financial Report?

A: Yes, if a provider is subject to submitting a grant report, then they will still need to complete the Consolidated Financial Report. There are two separate reporting requirements.

Q: Can we receive the IDHS Financial Reporting Checklist from the web page and if not, how can we get a copy?

A: For extra copies of your IDHS Financial Reporting Checklist or any other personalized documents please send an email to: DHS.FY16Reporting@Illinois.gov. Please include your Provider Name and FEIN # in your request.

Q: If I am a provider that is not subject to the Single Audit, does the financial statement audit have to be completed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards?

A: Yes, as outlined in your Community Service Agreement in Section 17.3 (b): "Providers not subject to OMB Circular A-133 shall provide audited financial statements, conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards, within 180 days after the Provider's fiscal year ending on or after June 30, 2016. This deadline may be extended at the discretion of the DHS Chief Financial Officer."

Q: What is the DUNS number?

A: As outlined in Article 2, Section 2.4 of your Community Service Agreement, the DUNS number stands for Data Universal Number System. It is a requirement of the federal government and DHS that all providers have a DUNS number. (FAR 52.204-7). In addition please refer to Article 3, "under Definitions" of your Community Service Agreement.  If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please contact the Office of Contract Administration at 217-524-0398.

Q: Where can providers go to determine what the State has on file for our Year End Dates?

A: This information is found on the DHS Reporting Checklist, as well as the pre-populated Provider Demographic Information form. For first time reporters, we assume that your fiscal year ends on June 30th. If this field is incorrect, please write in your year-end date on the Provider Demographic page and post to the Central Repository Vault (CRV). Once we review your form, the reporting database will be updated to reflect the change.

Common Questions Regarding: How and Where Does a Provider Post their IDHS Financial Reporting Requirements?


Q: Where can a Provider gain access or reset passwords to the Central Repository Vault (CRV) or the Community Service Agreement (CSA) web portal?

A: If you need to register with the CRV or need a password reset for the CRV contact (312) 814-1490 or email DHS.CRV.Support@Illinois.gov

If you need to register for the CSA or need a password reset for the CSA, please contact (217) 785-9260 or email the help desk at DHS.dhsoca@illinois.gov

Q: If items are incorrect on the Provider Demographic Information form, can we just cross out the items and fill in the correct information or do we need to download a blank form from the website and fill out an entire new one?

A: If items are incorrect on the Provider Demographic Information form there is no need to fill out a complete new form. Please just make any necessary changes directly on the form and submit to the Central Repository Vault (CRV). DHS's reporting database will be updated once we have reviewed your submitted form.

Q: How is the Grant Report submitted? Is it just uploaded to Central Repository Vault (CRV) or is it entered somewhere like the Consolidated Financial Report (CFR)?

A: The Grant Report is still a manual two page form. Once completed, it needs to be uploaded to the Central Repository Vault. Please use the naming convention outlined in your FY16 reporting memo. For a grant report, please the naming convention for your file name as XXXXXXFYXXGR (where the XXs represent the last 6 digits of your FEIN number) and select Grant Report as the type of document from the drop down menu in the Central Repository Vault (CRV).

Q: Can more than one person register for access to the CRV from an agency?

A: Yes, more than one person can register for access to the Central Repository Vault (CRV) and it is highly recommended to do so.

Q: I am unfamiliar with the Community Service Agreement (CSA) portal. The Administrator of the programs enters the budget information and the Business Office will now begin to enter the Year End CFR. Should we use the same login information to see the same information?

A: We recommend you request separate login in and passwords for each of your users. This will also provide you with an audit trail of who has completed the work.

Q: What if I cannot complete the CFR by the required due date? My reporting checklist says it is due on December 27, 2016.

A: DHS understands this is a new reporting requirement for many of our providers. If you are unable to meet the December 27, 2016 deadline and need more time to complete it, please use the modification/waiver/extension form. Here is the link to the form and instructions. Extension/Modification/Waiver Form (pdf). If you still have trouble, please contact the Office of Contract Administration at 217-524-0398 for further assistance.

Q: We have a program listed as required for the Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) that was active during state fiscal year but not during our FY16 should we ask for a waiver?

A: Yes. Please use the Extension/Modification/Waiver Form to modify the inaccurate program. The link and instructions are provided here: Extension/Modification/Waiver Form (pdf). Remember, the Consolidated Financial Report should be prepared on your entity's fiscal year basis.

Q: We don't have a Program 30U but it is listed on our required reporting list for the Consolidated Financial Report (CFR). Should we use the extension/waiver/modification form to report this?

A: Yes, please use the Extension/Modification/Waiver form to request a waiver of reporting that program code. The link and instructions to completing that form are provided here: Extension/Modification/Waiver Form (pdf).

Common Questions Regarding Inputting the Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) into the Community Service Agreement Portal (CSA).


Q: Can we enter required information for the Year End CFR into an Excel format and then upload it to the CSA System?

A: Currently, Excel versions cannot be loaded or downloaded from the CSA Tracking System. (This is being addressed as a future enhancement for FY15.)

We do have a blank excel template of the Consolidated Financial Report on the DHS website for your use in compiling the data, but you will still need to enter the information into the CSA Tracking System. The link to the blank excel template is provided here: (Blank CFR template (xls))

Q: Where is the CFR Year-End Actuals template located?

A: The CFR Year-End Actual template is located in the Community Service Agreement web portal. The link is provided here: https://grants.dhs.illinois.gov/gpsecure/gtp. Please click the Actual Tab once you are in the web-portal and follow the steps outlined in the user manual.

Q: How do we handle a situation where our Agency year-end actuals is significantly different than our Agency budget originally entered in CSA system? Are we able to update a forecast budget that will coincide more with the actuals on the CFR?

A: It is not necessary to revise a Budget if there are differences. But, computing your agency's Year-end Actuals CFR will be a useful tool for your future budgeting requirements.

Q: When entering our fiscal year end information into the CFR, should I also enter the program expenses and revenues for the same period of time? If so, then that will include two grant periods. Should we then enter two grant contact numbers (one for FY2015 and the other for FY2016)?

A: Yes, please enter both contract numbers in the Program Description field when entering Program. The CFR is based upon your entity's fiscal year end information.

Q: I noticed the Statement of Functional Expenses example used in the CFR training is different than the form we as a Provider utilize. Is there a required format?

A: The Statement of Functional Expenses seen in the training sessions was just an example and used for discussion purposes.

Q: DASA Providers have apparently been directed to enter unduplicated clients in the Service Units Schedule on the CFR. What selection should we make in the drop down?

A: Please select days and enter the unduplicated client count on line one of the service unit schedules.

Q: Do you complete the CFR before or after the audit is complete?

A: Please discuss this issue with your auditor for their preference. The CFR can be saved, printed and modified multiple times if changes need to be made throughout your audit process.

Q: Even if my organization's fiscal year begins in January 1, does the Year End CFR reporting need to be done according to the State's fiscal year?

A: The YE CFR is based upon the your (the Provider's) fiscal year basis - not the State's fiscal year.

Q: Do we need to complete actuals for our agency fundraising program in the CFR?

A: You do not need to report on your fundraising program's costs separately. However, the total amount on line 44 of the CFR should agree to your agency's total operations. Those programs not funded by the State of Illinois Health and Human Service Agency programs will automatically calculate in the "other not allocated" column for you.

Q: Are Providers going to be reimbursed for the cost of an audit? Can we expense the additional audit cost to the grant?

A: It is an allowable expense either as part of your indirect costs or as adirect program cost.

Q: If a Provider is a corporation or a partnership, id the Provider required to submit both the IRS tax return and the Illinois tax return?

A: Yes

Q: Do the auditors need a CSA login and password?

A: Yes, if the Auditors are completing and submitting the Year End CFR in the CSA system, they will need to obtain a CSA Login and password.

Q: Have the schedule formats changed in the CFR from FY14 (the last time we completed CFR)?

A: Very little has changed in the CFR Format. We have added the ability to add specific items (costs, revenues, job descriptions, etc) in the "other" categories.

Q: What's the D-U-N-S number?

A: A DUNS number is a nine-digit identifying number assigned to business entities around the world by Dun and Bradstreet. DUNS is an acronym for Data Universal Numbering System, an informational system developed and overseen by Dun and Bradstreet for use in credit reporting and other information systems. A DUNS number is available free to any business upon registration with Dun and Bradstreet. Many U.S. government agencies require those potential vendors, suppliers and other organizations looking to work with or partner with the agency must have a valid DUNS number.

Q: Is entering the Year End CFR the same as entering the Budget CFR in the CSA system - only with actual after the year end?

A: The CFR Budget is used for projecting future cost. The CFR Year End is used for reporting actual costs . However, the navigation tools and templates are virtually identical with the exception of one major factor. A CFR Budget must be reported on the State of Illinois' fiscal year to be in agreement with the Community Service Agreement. The CFR Year End is completed on the entity's year end basis to be in agreement with the entity's financial statements.

Q: For the CFR at end of FY16, do we list only DHS programs. Therefore, the rest is "not allocated"? On the CFR budget originally done for FY16 funding sources from other state and federal agencies were listed. Should it be the same?

A: For CFR Year End 2016, DHS is requiring the funding received from the State of Illinois Health and Human Service Agencies. That is funding from the Department of Human Services (DHS), the Department of Public Health (DPH), the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS) and the Department of Aging (DOA).

Q: What does "non-allocated" means?

A: "Non-Allocated" refers to that data that is the difference between your entity's totals and those programs represented on the CFR. This column is automatically calculated for you.

Q: If you submit then unsubmit then resubmit a Year End CFR in the CSA System, are there 2 reports posted to the CRV? How do you know which is the correct one in the CRV?

A: The submissions from CSA are time stamped by date in the CRV. The latest dated submission will be the one reviewed.

Q: If we need our auditor to complete the CFR, are we required to get our auditors to provide another opinion on the CFR once we have uploaded the audited financials?

A: Please check your reporting requirements sent to you in May. If you received $150,000 or more in funding from all sources within the State of Illinois, you will need to have an audit prepared and an auditor's opinion issued on the Revenue and Cost Schedules of the CFR Year End.

Q: Who do I call to get a copy of my Financial Year End Reporting Requirements that were mailed in May?

A:  Please call the Office of Contract Administration at 217-524-0398.

Q: On the service unit schedule we have a Psy Meds grant what type of unit would I select?

A: Please refer to your contract number and Divisional Point of Contact associated to that contract for further clarification.

Q: Are DHS contract funds considered Federal or State funds?

A: This should be identified on your agreement exhibits. If you still have questions , please send an e-mail to DHS.FY16Reporting@illinois.gov and we can send you a Federal Funds Confirmation which lists all your payments and the type of Funding. You may also call 217-524-0398 to request this information.

Q: What is the difference between the CSA system and the CFR site: https://sec1.isbe.net/CFR/ ?

A: Prior to fiscal year 2014 Certain DHS divisions were already reporting data to the https://sec1.isbe.net/CFR/ address. Now all IDHS Agreements are required to submit a Year end CFR. Those are to be entered into the CSA System. If you have already submitted the CFR to the https://sec1.isbe.net/CFR/ address, please make sure to manually upload a copy to the CRV.

Who Do I Contact If I Still Have Questions?

DHS will continue to post frequently asked questions along with the appropriate answer - so please feel free to visit our website. If you have a specific question or would like to provide a comment, suggestion or other feedback, you can send that information to DHS.FY16Reporting@Illinois.gov or by calling the Office of Contract Administration at 217-524-0398.