FAQ for FY 15 Budgeting

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Questions are frequently asked of us about the budgeting process. Those that seem most common will be posted in this location. We will continue to add FAQs - frequently asked questions - and their respective answers, so you may want to check back regularly.

If you have a question that you do not see answered:

Please email DHS.FY15Budgets@illinois.gov.

Your questions will be answered as quickly as possible and posted at this location.

Q: Do I need to make changes to my FY 14 Budget if there was a De-obligation in FY 14 funding?

A: No. If you are receiving notifications that funding sources are needing to be changed in your budget for a contract that terminated on June 30, 2014 - it is most likely because of a DHS internal close out transaction activity is occurring. DHS is aware of the system issue - and are working quickly to fix. In the interim, please ignore the request for making a budget change for your FY14 contract at this time.

Q: How do I input my Budget data into the CSA web portal?

A: Please review our training materials and Power Point presentation titled "How to Input a FY15 Budget into the CSA System" (pdf)

Q: Is my agency required to complete a budget for FY '15?

A: DHS providers must enter information into the CSA even if they are "Budget Exempt."


"6.1. Exemptions. Fee-for-Service payments are exempt from the budget provisions of this ARTICLE VI. Unless notified in the Exhibits or the Program Attachment to this Agreement, Fixed-Rate payments are exempt from the budget provisions of this ARTICLE VI."

Q: When are the budgets for FY '15 due?

A: Budgets are due within thirty (30) days of execution of the Community Service Agreements. For the majority of our providers, this will be July 31, 2014.

Q: What template is being used for FY '15 budgeting?

A: The Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) for Budgeting is the template for FY15. (It is the same template that was used last year).

Q: When will I be notified of my budget's budget acceptance or rejection, and how will I be notified?

A: You will be notified, via email, of your budget's approval or be requested to provide additional information within 60 days of your budget's submission.

Q: Where do I enter my budget?

A: As in prior years, the budgets are entered into the CSA Tracking System.

Q: I cannot log into the CSA Tracking System to complete a budget?

Q: Are there instructions available for entering my budget?

A: A Provider Instruction Manual is located in the Help Tab of the CSA System. In addition, we have developed a quick reference guide for entering budgets for those of you who don't need complete instructions. This will act as a refresher for navigating through the CSA System.

Q: Do I need to upload my budget to the CRV?

A: No. Once the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) has rendered final approval of your FY '15 budget, a PDF copy of your approved budget will be electronically stored in the CRV for you.

Q: It looks like my funding amount has really decreased since last year. Who do I contact for clarification?

A: Please check with your Program point of contact pertaining to the contract in question.

FY '15 Contract beginning with: Contact & E-mail Address Phone Number
43 (DASA) Div. of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Rick Nance rick.nance@illinois.gov (217) 557-6706
44 (DDD) Div. of Developmental Disabilities Dan Blair dan.blair@illinois.gov (217) 524-8489
45 (DMH) Div. of Mental Health Cheri Wehmhoff cheri.wehmhoff@illinois.gov (217) 557-8571
46 (DRS) Div. of Rehabilitation Services Cassie Laird cassie.laird@illinois.gov (217) 557-7764
FCS (DFCS) Div. of Family and Community Services (See table below)

If you have a contract with the Division of Family and Community Services (DFCS), please refer to the proper Bureau Chief listed below. The Bureau is represented within the contract by an alpha code prior to the 5 digit number.

Example 1: Contract# FCSTP01424 ("P" located before the 5 digit number represents the Bureau of Positive Youth Development; Bureau Chief Kim Fornero would be the Point of Contact)

Example 2: Contract# FCSTQ12345 ("Q" located before the 5 digit number represents the Bureau of Family Nutrition; Bureau Chief Penny Roth would be the Point of Contact)

Bureau Alpha Code Contact & E-mail Phone Number
Planning & Evaluation "B" Jeff Peddycoart jeff.peddycoart@illinois.gov (217) 524-3649
Workforce Development "G" Kathy Staten katherine.staten@illinois.gov (773) 881-2934
Basic Support & Homeless Prevention "H" Mary Sue Cox marysue.cox@illinois.gov (217) 557-9288
Child Care Development "I" Lesa Hilligoss leas.hilligoss@illinois.gov (217) 785-9160
Basic Support & Title XX "J" Bill Benedict bill.benedict@illinois.gov (217) 782-1017
Steve Totten stevetotten@illinois.gov (217) 782-1428
Immigrant & Refugee Services "K" Edwin Silverman edwin.silverman@illinois.gov (312) 793-7120
Roger Prevett roger.prevett@illinois.gov (312) 793-2207
FCS Special Contracts (Front Door) "M" Cynthia Ragusa cynthia.ragusa@illinois.gov (217) 782-5901
Deanne Haley deanne.haley@illinois.gov (217) 785-9686
Early Intervention "O" Ann Frieburg ann.freiburg@illinois.gov (217) 557-5387
Positive Youth Development "P" Kim Fornero kim.fornero@illinois.gov (217) 793-1628
Family Nutrition "Q" Penny Roth penny.roth@illinois.gov (217) 524-1231
Youth Intervention Services "R" Karrie Rueter karrie.rueter@illinois.gov (217) 557-0193
Childhood Development "S" Daniel Harris daniel.g.harris@illinois.gov (312) 793-4627
Basic Support & Domestic Violence "T" Karin Manning karin.manning@illinois.gov (217) 782-0592
Maternal & Child Care "U" Glendean Burton glendean.burton@illinois.gov (312) 814-1354
Other Cynthia Ragusa cynthia.ragusa@illinois.gov (217) 782-5901
Barb Payne barb.payne@illinois.gov (217) 785-0480

Q: Last year I received an error message stating my personnel costs and my total costs were not equal when trying to submit my budget. Has this problem been resolved?

A: Yes. An old error message was causing users confusion. A new error message now displays cells highlighted red when a user tries to submit a budget with calculation errors on the Cost and Personnel tables. The red highlighted cells will pinpoint exactly where the user has not created an equal representation between personnel and total costs.

  • Last year our staff created a Budgeting Errors Video that illustrated how this error occurred and what was needed to reconcile the calculations so that the CSA would accept the budget. You may still find this tutorial helpful for FY '15 as well. It can also be found at FAQ for FY '14 Budgeting.

Q: What happens if I (the provider) decide to make edits AFTER I have submitted our budget?

A: If changes or edits need to be made after the budget was submitted, simply click the "un-submit" key. This will return the data to you. You can change the data and then re-submit.

If the DHS program area has already started reviewing the agreement budget and have "locked down" the proposed funding source budgets then only those funding sources that are not locked will be available to change when you click the "un-submit" key. If you (the provider) needs to edit a funding source that is locked and under review, then you must contact the DHS program area to unlock it so the edits can be made.

Q: What if I am exempt from completing a budget --Must I still submit something?

A: Yes. You may have an agreement that is exempt from budgeting but yes, you still have to enter information into the CSA system..


When you enter your contract number information into the CSA, it should automatically populate with some information. You need to verify - and correct, if need be - the information. Providers MUST have a DUNS number. This may be new for some people. Others may not realize that the DUNS number has to be renewed.


Once you log into the CSA system, click on the tab that says "Provider Info" and complete that information (there are only a few questions). Then click on the tab that says "Budgets" and click the "Add Budget" button. Once you enter the Fiscal Year (2015), Form Type (CFR), and answer the question about standard weekly hours (usually 40 for most organizations), then click the Save button. After you save, look for the button that says "Submit For Approval" and click it. This process is used for tracking submission compliance.

Q: When are the new Government Auditing Standards going to apply?

A: For Audits conducted on your FY14 contracts due in FY15.

Q: Why am I not allowed to submit my budget for FY15? It shows FY14 and I can't get to FY15.

A: It will not show a budget for FY15 until you go in and create one. If FY 14 is showing up on your screen, that means there is additional approvals needed for your FY14 agreements. If you are sure you have submitted your budget, then contact the program office to approve the budget.

Q: When will FY15 budget be available?

A: The FY15 Budget is available on the CSA web portal now.

Q: How do I get a working copy of a blank CFR?

A: Please see the Budget Instruction Manual for FY15 (pdf) or the CFR Budget Basic Form (no formulas) (xls)

This copy or basic form is to be used by Providers for compiling data prior to inputting the budget into the CSA Tracking system

Q: How do I get a copy of my agency's FY '14 approved budget?

A: All approved FY '14 Budgets have been uploaded to the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV). Instructions regarding the CRV including registration, assistance, requirements and documents to upload can be found on the DHS Website under Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)

Q: Instructions say to submit one (1) budget..we have many grants - how do we compile all of them in one budget?

A: It is a consolidated budget - just like your entity's annual budget.

Q: Do local governmental entities have to report the revenue and expense projections for all sources of funding received by their agency, regardless of the source?

A: No. Local governmental units only have to report the revenue and expenditures of DHS related grants.

Q: Do I have to turn in an Indirect Cost Plan by July 31st?

A: You do not need to turn in a new indirect cost proposal at this time if you have a previously accepted rate. If your agency have received awards of $250,000 or greater a proposal needs to be submitted within 60 days after your submission of your audited financial statements. 

Q: Our FY15 award amount from the State of Illinois is less than $250,000. Do we have to complete an indirect cost rate per the instructions on the DHS website?

A: No, as long as the total of ALL STATE FUNDS received by your organization is less than $250,000. (That means the funds from all state agencies, such as the Departments of Human Services, Public Health, Child and Family Services, Aging, etc. combined, is less than $250,000.)