Refugee and immigrant services are procured every three years, contingent on the availability of funds. The first year results from competitive procurement. Subsequent years are based on available funding, continuing need, and satisfactory program performance agency by agency.

Eligible contractors are state or local public agencies, private non-profit agencies, or private for-profit firms.

Any agency which has not previously held a contract with IDHS must provide proof of agency incorporation and 501C (3) status (if applicable); a list of current Board members; and the previous year's fiscal audit. Agencies that cannot meet these requirements but who wish to apply are encouraged to secure an established sponsoring agency to serve as fiscal agent.

A. Requests for Proposals (year one)

At the time an RFP is released, prospective applicants will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning the initiative at a Bidder's Conference or may submit questions in writing. Any questions or concerns resulting in modification of the RFP will be communicated to all applicants who have submitted a letter of intent. No modifications to the RFP during the procurement process will be considered after the Bidder's Conference.

All information submitted pursuant to the RFP is subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. The successful Provider must recognize and accept that any material marked proprietary or confidential that must be made part of the contract may be considered open for public inspection. Price information submitted by the successful Provider shall be considered public. Only the record of losing proposals (the list of those submitting proposals/responses) shall be considered public.

The Department of Human Services may withdraw the Request for Proposal at any time prior to the actual time an agreement is filed with the Comptroller.

All aspects of the proposal and/or subsequent post-award negotiations with the successful applicant will become contractual obligations. The IDHS reserves the right to negotiate the award amount, budget items, and programmatic goals (including ethnic groups to be served) of all contract awards, subject to the availability of funds, effectiveness of service components, and the requirements of geographic and ethnic coverage.

Justifiable modifications may be made in the course of the contract only through prior consultation with and the written approval of IDHS and/or its representative. Failure of the successful applicant to accept these obligations may result in cancellation of the award.

B. Protests

Applicants who object to any provision of the RFP, who believe their proposal was improperly rejected, or that the selected proposal(s) is/are not in the best interest of the Department may submit a written protest of the Department's action. The Department will consider all such written protests which are properly and timely submitted. The Department will investigate all allegations and issue a written response. The decision of the Department is final.

  1. Protests must be in writing and considered filed when physically received by the Department at the following address:

    Chief, Bureau of Refugee & Immigrant Services
    Illinois Department of Human Services
    401 South Clinton
    Chicago, Illinois 60607

  2. Protest must be filed within 7 days after the protestor knows or should have known of the facts giving rise to the protest.
  3. Protests regarding specifications must be filed within 7 days after the date the RFP was issued and in any event must be filed before the date for opening the proposals.
  4. If protest is received, any award made is not final until the protest is resolved.