The DHS Community Services Agreement (CSA) between the Department and the Provider is generally referred to as the Agreement and consists of several parts:

  • DHS Community Services Agreement containing the standard contract language used for all Department agreements.
  • Contract Attachment "A" containing specific agreement requirements related to programs funded by the Division. In particular, Section II "Applicable Rules and Guidelines," provides a listing of the Federal and State laws, rules, policies and procedures.
  • Contract Exhibits showing the contract information, the type of services, the method of payment, the method of reconciliation, and contract deliverables.

The Department will initiate the Agreement, make it available for the Provider for review and signature, obtain the Secretary's signature and return a copy of the executed agreement to the Provider. The Agreement is not effective until signed by the Secretary.

Amendment Process

The Department will initiate a two-party signed amendment to the contract when:

  • The Department adds services to the Provider's program that are beyond the scope shown in Attachment "A".

The Department will modify the contract by letter notification when:

  • The Department revises the scope of services shown in the Exhibits to the Community Service Agreement; and/or
  • The Department increases or decreases a fixed/maximum funding amount. For example: grant-funded programs, respite or Program 65H, (fee-for-service intermittent CILA) or adds program services.