Rule Revision Meeting - January 31, 2014

Present: Ray Connor, Judy Griffeth, Roberta Allen, Lisa Betz, Rosemary Bussa, Alan Dietrich, Katie Donahue, Dr. Debra Ferguson, Jamie Germain, Judy Hutchinson, Patrick Knepler, Christina Kuczora, Colette Lueck, Dr. Renee Mehlinger, Jean Meister, Dr. Cynthia Mester, Lee Ann Reinert, Margo Roethlisberger, Dee Ann Ryan, Meryl Sosa and Rita Thorpe

The meeting began with words of appreciation from Dr. Deb Ferguson, who thanked everyone for their contribution and acknowledged this is a monumental project that will effect how our children are serviced here in Illinois. She is looking forward to these groups' final recommendations.

Last meeting's minutes were reviewed and accepted with no changes. These will be posted to the website.


Since this was the last meeting of this workgroup until the other workgroups conclude with their recommendations, participants re-reviewed all sections of the Rule to discuss the preliminary recommendations that had been made thus far.

Participants were advised that the updated version of the Rule 135 Rule Revision recommendations along with additional recommendations that have come up through previous meetings will be forwarded to Dr. Mehlinger & Dr. Ferguson for review and comment, prior to the group re-convening in late February.

Co-chairs Ray Connor and Judy Griffeth extended their appreciation to the contributions and commitment of workgroup members through this process. They will notify members when the group will reconvene; notice will hopefully be sent out in late February.

The following is a summary of this workgroup's recommendations thus far:

    • The ICG Rule Revision Workgroup has drafted preliminary recommendations for revision to the Rule in the following key areas:
      • Eligibility Criteria - consideration of clinical criteria, functional impairment, and intensity/duration as noted by prior treatment history
      • Emergency Services - presumptive eligibility for 90 days to prevent extended stay in acute level of care (e.g., psychiatric hospitalization)
      • Use of private insurance to supplement ICG funding - mechanism to ensure appropriate parental contribution and equal access to services; ICG funding would be considered secondary coverage.
      • Individual Service Plan Development - family-driven, youth guided planning decisions
      • Service Appeals - process to appeal denials for services and/or changes in Level of Care
      • Discharge Planning - recommendations to allow for smooth transition between system

  • The Workgroup also developed related system recommendations in the following areas:
    • Development of a standardized discharge protocol, including procedures for discharge from residential care as well as the transition from adolescent to adult services.
    • Revision of the ICG Provider Manual to incorporate procedures that are aligned with recommended revisions to the Rule.
    • Development of an interagency agreement to ensure that appropriate mental health services are available to qualifying youth.
    • Consideration by state code agencies of a standard maximum age for termination of adolescent services.

Notes submitted by: Roberta Allen & Judy Griffeth