Child Care Management Systems (CCMS)

In order to successfully attach and email an application or supporting document to CCMS, the recommended file size is less than 1 MB and only documents in the following formats are accepted: Portable Document format [PDF] or Joint Photographic Experts Group [JPEG].

  • To ensure that the file is saved in the correct format:
    • If you have already saved the document, verify the end of the file name includes "pdf" or "jpeg.
    • Screen Shot of Documents Library
  • If you have not yet saved your document or to change the file format:
    1. Open the document
    2. Click "File" in the upper left corner
    3. Click "Save As"
      • Screen Shot Information about Document
    4. Select one of the approved formats (preferably .PDF) in the "Save as type" field.
      • Screen Shot of Document Format
    5. Click Save.
      • Screen Shot Document Save
  • To check the size of the file:
    1. Right click on the file from the folder you saved it.
    2. Select "Properties."
      • Screen Shot Document Properties
    3. Look at the "Size" and check that it is less than 1 MB (the size is typically shown in Kilobytes (KBs) as in the screenshot below - 1 MB is equal to 1024 KBs).
      • Screen Shot Document Size
    4. If the file size is 1 MB or greater, contact your local IT Administrator to determine what software is currently installed on your computer to use to compress the file size to a smaller size.
  1. Should I also submit supporting documents with applications and redetermination forms?

    • YES, you should follow the same procedure.