You must first contact your PAS/ISC Agency for an interview

Based on the information you provide during this interview, the PAS/ISC will complete a "Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services" (PUNS) form, and will put your need for services into one of these categories:

  • Emergency Need - You need immediate services
  • Critical Need - You will need services within 1 year
  • Planning Need  - You will need services in 1 to 5 years

A completed PUNS form does not mean that you are eligible for services, and does not guarantee that services will be provided. However, it ensures that the IDHS knows about your need for services.

To contact the PAS Agency for an interview, please use our DHS Office Locator to find the agency nearest to your home.  Included with the contact information in the DHS Office Locator are maps to and from the agencies. 

PUNS = Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services