The 18 statewide PAS agencies will do the following:

  1. Provide pre-admission screening services in specific geographic service areas to ensure compliance with Federal and State pre-admission screening laws and regulations.
  2. Assess individuals for whom there is a reason to believe there is a developmental disability who are seeking admission to nursing facilities.
  3. Assess individuals who are seeking Medicaid-funded services in a developmental disability setting and who are Medicaid eligible or are expected to become Medicaid eligible within 60 days.
  4. Conduct and arrange for assessments needed to complete the screening process for an individual.
  5. Determine the service needs for individuals based on assessments and evaluations, including the presence of a developmental disability, the need for 24-hour nursing care, and the need for active treatment for the developmental disability.
  6. Screen for guardianship needs.
  7. Educate individuals and families, present all options and help with the service selection process.
  8. Link individuals to needed services.
  9. Complete all documentation to support the PAS agency's determinations and supply necessary information to an existing or potential service provider.
  10. Provide 24-hour accessibility for individuals, families, and providers.

How To Contact Your Pre-Admission Screening Agency

  1. To locate the PAS Agency closest you live, please use our DHS Office Locator
  2. Select "Developmental Disabilities Services" and enter your information for the search. 
  3. Maps "to" and "from" the PAS Agency office are there for your use, as well as contact information for that agency.