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Healthy Mom and Baby Self - Study Module (SSM)

1 .Tips for a Healthy You: After Delivery

Review the handout Tips for a Healthy You: after Delivery and complete #1 - #3.

Set a personal goal for staying healthy now that baby is here.

2. First Foods You can Feed Your Baby

Review this section on the handout First Foods. Check the boxes next to the things you will do to move your baby safely from only breast milk (or formula) to solid foods.

  • Start with plain, infant rice cereal.
  • When trying new foods, start with a small amount (1-2 teaspoons) of a new food.
  • Mix rice cereal so that it is smooth and runny.
  • Offer 1 new food at a time, waiting 7 days between foods.
  • After infant cereal, offer plain, pureed vegetables and fruits.

3. Watch for Signs of Allergies

Review this section on the handout First Foods.

Circle the choices below that are signs of allergies in babies.

 Ear infections Kicking Coughing

 Laughing Diarrhea Shivering

 Vomiting Screaming Skin rash

4. Watch for Signs of Allergies

The handout First Foods lists guidelines for feeding your baby and using store-bought baby foods.

For the following statements, circle "T" if the statement is true or "F" if it is false.

T F 1. When using store-bought baby food, the lid should "pop" when opened.

T F 2. You can use a spoon to feed your baby right out of the jar, no additional dishes are needed.

T F 3. After feeding baby, throw away any food that is left in the bowl.

T F 4. After opening, baby food stays fresh in the refrigerator for one week.

T F 5. Feed your baby when the rest of the family eats.

What is one goal you have for starting solid foods? ______________________________________________

Do you have any questions about your family's nutrition today? Yes No

Would you like to talk to a nutritionist or breast feeding peer counselor today? Yes  No

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