Use the Child Care Management System Web Online Application to apply for child care assistance. If you choose this option, DO NOT complete a paper application. 

Tips for Completing Child Care Application Online

  1. Please read all instructions carefully. You will see some questions with a star (*) next to them. You must answer these questions.
  2. Your completed application will be submitted electronically to your local child care agency.
  3. If at any time you choose to stop completing the application online, select the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the page. You may save the information you have entered up to the point you choose to cancel onto your personal computer or device.
  4. Please note that the website does not save any incomplete applications. If you select "Cancel" your application will not be submitted.
  5. The system will not process applications for two different clients at one time.
  6. Once all information has been correctly entered and accepted, please select the "Check for Errors" button at the bottom of the last page of your application. If prompted, you must review the application for red highlighted fields. Please note that the system will not accept applications with errors.

     Check for Errors button

  7.  After errors have been fixed, click "Submit" and you will receive the following message:
    • "Please Note: If you click 'Yes" to submit this application online, you cannot attach supporting documents."
    • Submit button
    1. Click "No" to not submit the application online. You must save a non-submitted electronic copy of this PDF application to your personal computer or device and send it as an attachment via email to DHS.CCMS-PRD@ILLINOIS.GOV . You may also include other supporting documents as additional attachments.
      • Cancel button
    2. If you click "Yes" to submit the application online now, you cannot attach supporting documents to your application. You must mail or carry copy of all necessary supporting documentation (i.e. check stubs, school schedule) forms to your local CCR&R or child care agency.  Find your local CCR&R or call 1-877-202-4453 (toll-free).
      • Submit button
  8. Before you click submit or cancel, please print or save a copy of the completed application. Maintain copies of the completed application and supporting documentation for your records.
  9. You will receive two confirming emails. Please print both and attach them to your copy of the application.