• The 1.5% SSI/SSA COLA will be centrally budgeted for cash and SNAP effective March 2014 for cases active for regular roll as of 10/10/13, and not excluded from central budgeting.
  • FCRC staff are responsible for budgeting the increase for cash and SNAP customers approved after 10/10/13, and for cases excluded from central budgeting.


A 1.5% cost of living increase will be received starting with SSA and SSI checks received in January 2014. Customers receiving both SSA and SSI will receive a total increase of 1.5% for both benefits. In some cases, the amount of SSI may decrease due to the amount of the SSA increase. The maximum SSI amount increases from $710 to $721. The $30 SSI benefit for customers in long term care and shelter care facilities will remain the same.

Central Action for Cash & SNAP

The 2014 SSI/SSA benefit amount will be centrally budgeted for cash and SNAP effective March 2014 for customers included in central budgeting, and active for regular roll as of 10/10/13 under the following categories:

  • AABD Cash cases (Categories 01, 02, 03);
  • SNAP under any Category;
  • TANF cases (Categories 04 & 06); and
  • RRA Cash cases (Category 00).

SNAP added to a cash or medical case will be centrally budgeted if the categorical case was active as of 10/10/13.

Central budgeting takes place toward the end of every month. The SSI/SSA increase will be centrally budgeted for cash and SNAP effective March 2014 on 01/29/14.

When a case includes more than one person and the information on BENDEX does not match the information in the Client Database (CDB) for all persons, central budgeting will occur for those persons in the case with matched information.

FCRC Action for Cash & SNAP

FCRC staff are not to adjust the SSA and SSI amounts for cash or SNAP for persons in central budgeting, even in cases being redetermined.

Local office staff are only responsible for budgeting the actual amount of the January 2014 SSA and/or SSI income for:

  • persons excluded from central budgeting; and 
  • all new cases put on the regular rolls after 10/10/13.

Use the SOLQ system to obtain SSA and SSI benefit information.

Cases excluded from central budgeting:

A case is excluded from central budgeting when there is a discrepancy between the amount of SSI/SSA received and the amount budgeted via SDX/BENDEX. Budget the amount claimed as actually received, as verified by the customer or confirmed by SOLQ. 

See WAG 22-08-13 for excluding cases from central budgeting of SSI.

See WAG 22-08-14  for excluding cases from central budgeting of SSA.

New cases put on regular roll after 10/10/13:

At Intake, beginning with the fiscal month the increased SSA/SSI is received, use the increased SSA and/or SSI benefit to determine:

  • eligibility,
  • the IPE amount and the initial SNAP issuance, and
  • the first regular roll benefit amount or SNAP issuance.

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R.B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services