The Division of Developmental Disabilities offers Computer-Based Learning (CBLs) training opportunities on a variety of topics through the DHS OneNet Learning Module system. Providers and others are encouraged to take advantage of the DHS CBL modules as a way to earn Continuing Education (CE) credit. P lease see some of the suggested CBLs listed below and how to enroll at bottom of the page.

Computer-Based Learning Training Information

Computer-Based Learning Name and Corresponding Links Computer-Based Learning Test Link Computer-Based Learning Description Continuing Education Credit (CEs)

CBL Presentation Link:

DD Admin Rule 116 Course for Nurse-Trainers

DD Admin Rule 116 Course for Nurse-Trainers Test The test is assigned by the Division of Developmental Disabilities when a RN Nurse-Trainer Meets All Requirements

5.0 hours

Complete all 5 hours to become a Nurse-Trainer and receive attendance credit.

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals

Professional licenses

CBL Presentation Link:

DD Writing Meaningful Goals and Measurable Objectives 2015

No CBL Test After reviewing the course, the learner will be able to understand:
  • The difference between a goal and an objective
  • How to choose goals
  • The difference between long-term and short-term goals
  • How to write measureable objectives
  • What a compound objective is
  • What to include in the methods section
  • How to measure progress
  • How to amend objectives due to no progress being made

2.0 hours

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals

Professional licenses

CBL Presentation Link:

DD HBS Training CBL - not available at this time

DD HBS Training CBL - not available
  • Prepare Qualified Support Professionals to fulfill the responsibilities of a HBS Service Facilitator
  • Understand the Medicaid Waiver Home-Based Support Services programs

CBL Presentation Link:

DD How to Administer the TABE Reading CBL

DD How to Administer the TABE Reading Test 

CBL Link:

DD How to Conduct Criminal Background Checks and Clearances - not available at this time

No CBL Test
  • Step-by-step instructions for conducting required initial fingerprint criminal background check
  • Required registry clearances
  • Laws mandating background checks and clearances to meet requirements
1.5 hours

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals

Nursing Home Administrators

How to Enroll or Unenroll

  • To enroll in any of the DHS CBLs using the online DHS OneNet Learning Module system.
  • Learn how to register - instructions available soon.

How to Find CBL Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEs)

DHS CE credit hours are listed for DHS CBL courses in the "Credits" column above. 

DHS NetLearning Transcript CBL Credit Hours (CEs)

Upon successful completion of a DHS Computer-Based Learning (CBL) module, the CE credit will be added to your DHS OneNet Training Module transcript.  Transcripts are available upon email request to:  Kelly Robbins or Sandra Bancroft.

How to Document Continuing Education Credits (CEs)

Contact Information for Assistance

If you have any questions about the DHS CBLs or enrolling process, please contact: or (217) 558-1511 or (217) 557-6261

Bureau of Quality Management (217) 782-9438.