Updated Phase 2 Job Aids are posted separately. The links below are to Phase 1 IES Job Aids, some of which were used in IES classroom training and some that have been added in response to requests from the offices post Go Live. If you need assistance accessing these materials, contact IESTraining@illinois.gov.

Job Aid Document Date Description Clerical Caseworker Manager PAEA
Application Registration Step by Step 1.20.2015 Instructions for registering an application X X
ABE Customer Call Center 9.15.2014 Steps to view the Individual Summary and Individual Search pages, record Telephonic Signatures and enter case comments for Call Center workers X
Case Action Quick Reference 1.30.2015 Case action options in IES and what each case action allows the worker to perform X X X
Associate Individual & Case Numbers Job Aid 8.01.2013 How to reuse a customer's individual and household case numbers and confirm the number was associated correctly X X
Splitting Cases in IES 1.20.2015 Describes when one case should be split into 2 or more cases in IES and the process for splitting cases X
CaseTransfer in IES-Phase 1A 1.20.2015 Instructions for when and how you can transfer a case in IES. X X
Data Collection Left Navigation Job Aid 8.20.2014 Categories in the Data Collection driver flow and the Logical Units of Work associated with the category X X X
IES Dates Job Aid - Intake 7.10.2014 Defines each IES Date Field and describes how to enter the CSCD at Intake, how to enter other dates at Intake, and examples of CSCD at Intake X X X
How to Deny an Application or Case 1.20.2015 How to withdraw and deny cases and applications as well as when to use each process; includes denying a case due to a missed interview or failure to return verifications X
Using the EDM Features in IES 1.20.2015 This job aid is designed to help you understand Electronic Document Mangement in IES and how to use the EDM section to search for documents. X
EDM Stats Quadrant(pdf) 1.17.2014 Explains the EDM Statistics Quadrant on the IES Homepage X X
FFM Job Aids and Workarounds - Instructions and workarounds for processing FFMs - only applicable to HFS or DHS staff identified to process FFM Applications
1.20.2015 Job aid demonstrates step by step how to process FFM applications in IES and is applicable to all staff. X
3.11.2014 Application scenarios and instructions for FFM applications. X
File Clearance 1.20.2015 Answers to IES File Clearance frequently asked questions  X
New Terms Job Aid 1.20.2015 New IES terminology and definitions of new terms X X X X
HPE Processing Eligiblity Applications 1.20.2015 Processing Hospital Presumptive Eligibility Applications X X X
Income Job Aid 9.15.2014 How to enter income in IES X X X
Entering Employment Income in IES 9.15.2014 Simple instructions and quick tips for entering a customer's employment income into IES. X X
Inquiry Job Aid 8.01.2013 IES Inquiry options and how to access each option X X X
LTC/SLT/AABD & DoA Quick Tips 1.20.2015 Tips on registering and processing LTC/SLP/DoA and AABD Applications and Intake cases in IES. X X
Managing My Day in IES Checklist 1.20.2015 Learn how to manage your day in IES and find outstanding applications, cases, or tasks assigned to you or your team. X X
MH Reports 7.10.2014 Details the information in the different MH reports. X
MPE Applications in IES 6.09.2014 Identifying MPE applications in IES to avoid inaccurately denying a case as duplicate. X X
Processing a Pending Case 1.20.2015 This job aid is designed to help workers process pending cases from the Ready to Certify queue and help managers identify pending cases that need to be completed. X X
How to Remove a Member 7.10.2014 Steps, circumstances and IES pages to access when removing a member from a household X
Reports in IES 05/01/2015 How to run reports, step-by-step X
Scheduling in IES for Caseworkers, PAEAs and Clerical 9/15/2014 This job aid describes the scheduling process in IES including how to schedule walk ins, phone interviews and reschedule appointments. X X X
Scheduling Management Tips 9/15/2014

Quick tips for Managers on setting

up and maintaining an office schedule.

Second Party Review Best Practices 8.01.2013 Best practices for reviewing an employee's work in IES X
Security Job Aid 1.20.2015 Quick tips on how to set up, modify and delete teams, individuals and offices in IES.
SSNs - Understanding SSNs in IES 1.20.2014 How to record and verify Social Security Numbers and handle various special circumstances such as duplicate SSN or verification issues. X X
Understanding Statuses In IES 11.21.2014 Most common IES Application, Case and EDG participation statuses and the definition of each status X X X X
Tasks and Reminder Job Aid 1.20.2015 Table of Task types and explanation of Task text in IES X X
Tasks and Reminders Tips 1.20.2015 How to find, dispose and work with Tasks & Reminders X X
Verifications in IES 1.20.2015 Describes the different electronic clearances in IES, where to find them in Data Collection and key information provided from. Remember, these replace paper verifications. X X
Withdraw an Case in IES to process in IPACS 1.20.2015 Instructions for withdrawing an application or case for processing in IPACS. X X