Putting the Concepts to Use - Putting Together a Sample Budget

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Presented on August 6, 2013 and August 14, 2013

The downloadable slideshow was a part of the training given to providers to help them prepare their budgets as a part of their contractual requirements.  This page has the points of the slideshow but not the screen print images from the CSA system. 

Presentation Goals:

To Understand:

  • Budget Requirements
  • Budget Template
  • Budget Approval Process, Notifications and Timeframe

To walk through the completion of an actual budget and gain understanding of:

  • Various Schedules
  • Know who to contact if you have issues while completing your budget.

Who has to do a budget?

Spelled out in the CSA Agreement

  • Page 8 - Article VI Section of the agreement
  • "Exemptions: Fee-for-Service payments are exempt from the budget provisions of this Article VI. Unless notified in the Exhibits or the Program Attachment to this Agreement, Fixed-Rate payments are exempt from the budget provisions of this Article VI."

FY14 Budget Template

  • CFR (Consolidated Financial Report) is the only budgeting template for FY14.
  • Uses same "methodology" for submitting, approving, email notifications, etc as last year's "short form". Two "tiers" of approval. Direct expenses are approved by the program area. Final "entire" budget approved by OCA.
  • Seven schedules:
    • Summary (Total Budget View)
    • Programs
    • Schedule of Program Costs
    • Schedule of Program Revenue
    • Report of Service Units
    • Program Personnel
    • Program Consultant and Contractual.

FY14 Budget Template, Location and Due Date

  • Budget template is located in the CSA Tracking Web Portal. (Same location where you get your agreements)
  • https://grants.dhs.illinois.gov/pgsecure/gtp
  • Due Date for submission has been extended until August 30, 2013.
  • DHS is committed to review of the budget within 60 days.

ANY ISSUES - Please email: DHS.FY14Budgets@Illinois.gov

  • Step 1 Sign on to CSA
    • Login. - use a valid USER ID and Password.
  • Step 2 - Complete Provider Info
  • Step 3 Adding a FY14 Budget
  • Step 4 Update Budget Contacts
    • This will determine who gets email notifications during the review process of the budget.
  • Step 5 - Check Your Programs
  • Step 6 - Check Your Funding Sources
    • The DHS funding sources will automatically be pulled from the CSA agreement. The DCFS agreement was added manually.
  • Step 7 View Summary Schedule
    • Summarizes All Revenues and Costs =NO INPUTTING NECESSARY. Reflects Status of Budget
  • Step 8 Schedule of Program Costs
  • Step 8 Schedule of Program Costs - Indirect Costs
    • Contains 5 general categories to list expenses:
      • Program Costs
      • Support Expenses
      • Occupancy Expenses
      • Administrative & Office Expenses Non Reimbursable Expenses
    • Please reference Section 7.2 Under Article VII of the agreement of the indirect cost submission
    •  Providers who receive $250k or more in funding from the State of Illinois, including all departments thereof, and whether state of federal funds must submit an indirect cost rate proposal no later than 60 days after their submission of audited financial statements
    • Providers who have an ICRP approved by a cognizant Federal agency must submit an Indirect Cost Proposal, but DHS will accept that Proposal, up to any statutory, rule-based or programmatic limits.
    •  Providers are encouraged to calculate a preliminary rate so there is no large fluctuations once audited financial statements are received.
  • Step 9 Schedule of Program Revenue
    • 4 Major Areas to Capture Revenues
      • Fees & Purchase of Service
      • Grant Revenues
      • Contributions &
      • Other Investment Income
  • Step 10 Schedule of Service Units
  • Step 11 Program Personnel
  • Step 12 Program Consultant & Contractual
  • Step 12 Program Consultant & Contractual

Next Steps:

Be sure to submit your budget!

Watch the status of your budget:

  • In work
  • Submitted
  • Pending Approval
  • Approved

Amendments follow the same business process work flow

Email Notifications

You will receive an email notification when:

  1. Budget has been submitted
  2. When an agreement has been approved
  3. When your "total" budget has been approved.
  4. If your budget is rejected
  5. When a change in funding sources occurs