What is Blackboard Collaborate?

(Formerly called Elluminate)

Blackboard Collaborate (formerly known as Elluminate Live!) is a web conferencing system that allows groups to meet, present, and collaborate. Blackboard is an interactive (and mobile) learning experience to help you create virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces that open more possibilities.

The only equipment required to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session is a computer with a connection to the Internet. For audio discussions, those speaking will need a microphone, preferably a USB headset with noise cancellation.

Blackboard Window

Key Features

Blackboard Collaborate includes the following features:

Feature Description
Shareable, Interactive Whiteboard Import images and PowerPoint slides. Illustrate in real time with built-in drawing tools.
Clear, Two-way Audio Over the Internet Push-to-talk hot key makes live voice communication easy.
Universal Access Works with Windows, Macintosh, broadband and dialup.
Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Interface Participants quickly get up to speed and are then free to focus on the conference.
Designed with Pedagogy in Mind Not just a Web conferencing application, Collaborate was designed for teaching and learning.
24/7 Support Blackboard provides support by telephone and online around the clock.
Robust Moderator Tools Instructors monitor and control the conference environment.
Emoticons Get a feel for what's going on "out there" with affective feedback from students.
Polling Push a question to your students and get immediate feedback.
Direct Text Messaging Instant public and private messaging offers another avenue of communication during conferences.
Accessibility Collaborate facilitates accessibility for all participants, including those with physical disabilities.
Moderator & Participant Upload of Presentation Material During an Collaborate session, students as well as faculty can illustrate points by sharing materials that become instantly available to the whole class.
Pilot Integration You can now access and manage your Collaborate sessions from within your Pilot course.

Blackboard Collaborate Room

The room consists of four main windows:

  • The Participants window provides a list of all Participants and Moderators in the session and their current permissions. Permissions range from speaking (Audio), sending Chat messages, entering text for Closed-Captioning, using the Whiteboard drawing tools, Graphing Calculator, Application Sharing, Video webcam, and File Loading permissions. This is also where you can view polling responses and the activity indicators for each participant, raise and lower your hand, use the emotion indicators, and step away from the session.
  • The Chat window is where you can send and receive text messages. You can direct your messages to one Participant, selected Participants, Moderators, everyone in this room or everyone in all rooms. Messages can be filtered, time-stamped, and saved to track session communication.
  • The Audio window lets you participate in conversations during the session. Your computer must have a sound card, microphone and speakers (or a headset) to use microphone/speaker (VoIP) mode or a telephone to use telephone (telephony) mode.
  • The Whiteboard is the main presentation window. Use this region to load presentations. You can also use the tools on the Whiteboard to draw or write. All the objects and images on the Whiteboard are dynamic and can be modified. You can print the Whiteboard screens or save them to a file to review later.

bb components

Components Description:
1 Title Bar/Page Header - displays information about the current screen. Its purpose is to orient the user.
2 Menu Bar - contains navigation elements that allow the user to access specific areas of a course or other parts of Blackboard Learn. The Menu Area changes depending upon where the user is in Blackboard Learn.
3 Audio & video Panel
4 Participants Panel
5 Chat Panel
6 Minimize Blackboard
7 Maximize/Restore Blackboard
8 Close Blackboard
9 Collaboration Toolbar
10 Whiteboard & Tool Pallette/Content Area - information and idea exchanged area.  Where training material is displayed.