Blackboard Collaborate Elluminate Live - Moderator - Level 1 Manual

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Elluminate Live! is a web conferencing program developed by Elluminate Inc.

Elluminate "rented out" virtual rooms or vSpaces where virtual schools and businesses can hold classes and meetings. Elluminate has been acquired by Blackboard Inc. and is now known as Blackboard Collaborate.


The following terms are used in this guide when referring to Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing users:

Moderator - Moderators have access to all Blackboard Collaborate features, including the ability to grant Moderator status to Participants. The person conducting a session, such as a teacher, is a Moderator. 

Moderators are session participants with a heightened level of permissions when interacting in the Blackboard Collaborate session. They can change Content modes, grant and remove permissions from Participants, and move Participants to breakout rooms.

When a session is created, there is always one person designated as the Moderator - this person is the Moderator of Record and can never lose Moderator privileges. Other Participants may be granted Moderator privileges by default or on a case-by-case basis.

Blackboard Collaborate Moderators need not be computer experts, however, some functions do require basic computer skills such as working knowledge of your operating system, ability to navigate between and within applications, or basic text editing.

Participant - Participants have restricted access to Blackboard Collaborate features. Students are typically Participants, although Moderators can grant Participants Moderator status.

Session Attendee - Anyone attending the session (both Moderators and Participants).

Invitee - Anyone invited to the session (both Moderators and Participants).

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