101 days until CCMS launch!

108 days until IES launch!

We are still on target for our September state-wide Go-Live date! All CCMS agencies have been given the Datacap User's Guide, which included the link for the scanning software. Therefore, local train-the-trainers have the ability to share end-to-end CCMS processing with their agency staff. Understanding how documents enter the system helps to manage teams and routing within the agency.

Organizational and User Readiness - Providing Readiness Support

Congratulations and Thanks to those agencies that have become proactive with their staff's management of system passwords. These agencies have adopted Best Practice procedures which remind staff to change passwords before they expire. This has greatly reduced agency loss of productivity. With reduced CCAP Help Desk staffing, wait times for resets have increased as priority is given to establishing new IDs.

CCAP Systems

Not sure whom to contact with questions or errors?


Name of System Type of Access Required Expiration Reminder Notices? Whom to Contact for Help Who Creates User IDs/Password
Web3270 PKI Certificate 1 Year Automatic System Prompt (217) 524-3648 V, (312) 814-3648 V, (866) 277-5669 TTY , Option 1, Option 3 Self Service: User http://www2.illinois.gov/PKI/Pages/newuser.html
CCTS & IPACS RACF ID 30 days None DHS.CCMS-HelpDesk@illinois.gov CCAP Help Desk
SAMS SAMS ID 30 days None DHS.CCMS-HelpDesk@illinois.gov CCAP Help Desk
CCMS, DataCap Scanner, & InfoView External Active Directory: External.Illinois.gov ID 30 days Automatic e-mail Reminder (217) 524-3648 V, (312) 814-3648 V, (866) 277-5669 TTY , Option 1, Option 1 Self Service: User https://www2.illinois.gov/bccs/support/Pages/BCCSIdentityManagement.aspx
Net Learning Learning ID DNA DNA DHS.CCMS-HelpDesk@illinois.gov CCAP Help Desk

CCAP Help Desk - Security Forms

Access to all CCAP systems requires a signed security form. In an effort to maximize resources and provide better service, the CCAP Help Desk is streamlining its system access request procedures. With the exception of a few site administered providers, all CCAP provider staff should be accessing IPACS, CCTS, and SAMS through Web3270/Blue Zone. As such, the CCAP Help Desk will no longer issue RACF IDS for new staff if the Web3270 information is not also included on the 4052 form. All CCAP system access needs must be requested at the same time for new staff. Please remember to include the security role.

CCMS Preview!

Have you created your agency teams in the training environment? Have you e-mailed or scanned documents into the CCMS? If so, you are ready for routing!

From the Administration tab, click the Manage Routing tab on the left. There are additional tabs near the top of this page. We've selected County for the BCCD Eligibility Team. This team will only process applications from Adams, Alexander and Bond Counties. You may select more Counties from the left and use the > arrows to add or delete counties in the right column.

Division of Family & Community Services
Office of Early Childhood
Bureau of Child Care & Development

Published once per month by: CCAP Training and Program Support & Operations staffs

Please e-mail CCMS questions or comments to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov