Key Processes for the CRV Participating Agencies

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There are sometimes different business processes utilized regarding the submission of key documents required to contract with the State of Illinois human and social services agencies. Below is a high-level summary of the processes employed by the listed agencies for FY14 regarding contracts, budgets, indirect cost reports and audits.

  1. Contracts:
    1. DHS - Providers will be notified that their contract(s) are published and ready for download from the CSA system. If the provider has registered for the CRV, the contract(s) can be downloaded and the signature page should be signed and returned via a scanned copy (emailed to or via fax to (217)584-5529 or (217)782-4135. Once the signature page is countersigned by the Secretary's Office, it is sent to the IL Office of the Comptroller for execution. Once contracts are officially executed, they will be imported into the CRV for viewing.
    2. DCFS - Contracts are sent to providers by central office. Once the contracts are returned, they are processed by the Agency's Contract Unit and then filed with the IL Office of the Comptroller for execution.
    3. DOA - There are grant and All Willing and Qualified (AWAQ) Service Provider agreement opportunities that take place during the year. Once approved, the grant or AWAQ agreement is sent to the grantee(s) or approved AWAQ service provider(s) for signature. Upon return of that signed agreement, it is executed and stored with the appropriate staff.
    4. DPH - Upon Director's approval, a hard copy of the grant agreement contract(s) are sent to the grantee by the grant program contact. The grantee must return 4 hard copy contracts with original signatures back to the grant program contact. The signed grant agreements are executed upon receipt and stored in hard copy in the applicable program office.
  2. Financial Budget Reporting:
    1. DHS - Providers will go into the CSA system under the budget tab and complete their budget. Budgets must be completed in the CSA system within 30 days of contract execution. Once budgets are completed in CSA, they will be imported into the CRV for viewing.
    2. DCFS - The Excel budget template will be available for provider organizations to complete for select programs and return to the DCFS. The appropriate staff then enters the information from the Excel template into a MS Access application where it is stored.
    3. DOA - Budget information is submitted through the grant application or grant proposal. This information, depending on the specific application or proposal, may be submitted at different points throughout the year, and is stored within the applicable program area.
    4. DPH - Applicants submit their proposed budgets in the prescribed standard budget form. Budget revisions may be required and completed prior to grant execution and are submitted to the grant program contact. Upon execution of the grant, all budget documents are submitted directly to the grant program contact in program specific form or submitted to the appropriate database as required by federal guidelines.
  3. Indirect Cost Reports:
    1. DHS - Beginning in FY14, this information should be uploaded directly to the CRV. If providers already have an approved indirect cost rate for FY13, that rate can be used for FY14.
    2. DCFS - In compliance with 20 ILCS 505/5a, Department budget and cost reporting forms (which mirror the Consolidated Financial Report) collect program administrative costs, management and general costs and other costs of an administrative nature. The reported administrative costs are inclusive of any indirect cost rate.
    3. DOA - This information is not collected.
    4. DPH - This information is taken from the data submitted in the budgets, and is not collected separately.
  4. Audits:
    1. DHS - This information should be uploaded directly to the CRV.
    2. DCFS - This information should be uploaded directly to the CRV.
    3. DOA - This information should be uploaded directly to the CRV (for providers under the All Willing and Qualified process, audits are submitted in hard copy as part of the program application).
    4. DPH - This information should be uploaded directly to the CRV.