News from the CCMS Project Team

We are pleased to announce that Content Manager is alive and working well in the training environment! Staff must use their CCMS User Name and Passwords to access the CCMS training environment.

Agency staff may now resume training activities. Please keep in mind that we may need to take the training environment down from time to time to make changes.

Additionally, each agency should have received an electronic copy of the Datacap Scanning User's Guide.

Organizational and User Readiness - Communications

BCCD facilitated a Readiness Workshop for Local Experts on April 19. Since that time we have received a lot of constructive feedback. We also received a few questions:


  • Question: When can we test all bar coded documents that are generated from CCMS and scanned back in to CCMS? We would like to see if the bar code will actually be read. 

    Answer: We anticipate confirmation testing in July.

  • Question: Will all of the enhancements be completed and functioning by the September roll out date? 

    Answer: The enhancements that were covered in the last change order review that was conducted January 31/February 1 are completed. There is a list of additional enhancements that will be covered in the maintenance period after the system is deployed.

  • Question: When will the IPACS screens begin working through the link in CCMS?

    Answer: All links are scheduled to work on go-live day when the system is deployed. The links should also work in the training environment now.

    CCMS Liaisons/Experts: You are the communication link between the CCMS Project Team and your Agency. We share information with you so that you may ensure that it is widely circulated within your agency. Thanks

CCAP Help Desk

Retirement: The CCAP Help Desk team of Rick and Ray are now both retired. Rick retired in December and Ray retired at the end of April. As many of you know, Ray has been our 'go to guy' for many years. His contributions to the CCAP program have been appreciated. He will be missed. However, we know Ray will find lots of things to make his retirement enjoyable.

Move: On Friday, May 24th, help desk staff will be moving into new office space. Our response times to e-mails and phone calls may be longer than normal due to re-location activities.

CCMS Preview!

CCAP Managers may now go into the CCMS training environment to practice setting up teams. Managing teams helps agencies manage their security. Remember, Work Items in CCMS are routed to teams for processing.

Click on the Administration tab, select the Manage Teams page, and scroll to the Team Search Results field. In the following example, there is one team already established. To make changes to the existing team, select Update Team Name.

Manage Teams

Select Create Team to establish a new team. When creating a team, the following Team Search Results must be defined:

  • Team Name
  • Team Location
  • Team Members
  • Work Item Types that can be assigned to the Team
  • Team Supervisor

You may now assign the Work Item Types that this team will process. Note: The image below does not include all Work Item Types.

Work Items Type

Division of Family & Community Services
Office of Early Childhood
Bureau of Child Care & Development

Published once per month by: CCAP Training and Program Support & Operations staff

Please e-mail CCMS questions or comments to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov