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  • Effective 7/01/2013, the maximum income limits and copayments for child care are revised.
  • Rates paid to child care providers are revised effective 7/01/13.

Maximum income guidelines used to determine eligibility for child care and parental copayments are increased effective 7/01/13.

The rates DHS pays to certain child care providers are increased effective 7/01/13.  The increase applies to rates paid to:

  • Licensed home providers,
  • License-exempt home providers, and
  • Licensed day care centers.

The increase does not apply to license-exempt day care centers.

Payment rates differ by provider type, county groupings, child's age, hours of care and school attendance.


WAG 25-03-14-a

WAG 25-03-14-b

Form Revision

  • Important Parent Co-Payment Information (Form 3455B)

Michelle R. B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services