SNAP E&T Participation Activities

  • Basic Education: may be required of participants who are in need of further education as part of their employability plan. Basic Education includes English as a Second Language (ESL); General Education Development (GED); Adult Basic Education (ABE) and literacy educational programs.

    Participation Requirements: 80 hours per month; duration may vary.

  • Vocational Training: a short-term work program or activities designed to improve the employability of a participant. It includes short-term technical training, vocational training, and certificate programs that prepare a student for employment in a specific occupation.

    Participation Requirements: 80 hours per month; duration is a period of three (3) to six (6) months.

  • Work Experience: provides participants with practical "on the job" experience. Work assignments must be at public or private not-for-profit organizations.

    Participation Requirements: Participants work the number of hours needed to work off the value of their SNAP benefits divided by the state or federal minimum wage, whichever is higher, not to exceed 20 hours per month. Duration is for a maximum of three (3) months. Additional three (3) months may be provided if beneficial to the client's work skills.

  • Job Search: requires the participant, with staff assistance, to actively contact employers and seek employment. The participant must attend all scheduled meetings and must make a good faith effort to complete 20 employer job contacts a month. Participants may only be assigned to Job Search for 8 weeks in a 12 consecutive month period as part of another activity. Participants in Job Search must be referred to and register with the Illinois Department of Employment Security.
  • Job Readiness: may include training in preparation for work including following and accepting supervision, time management issues, appropriate workplace behavior, job seeking skills, learning to budget, establishing bank accounts, etc. A maximum of 8 employer contacts per month may be required. Participation in Job Readiness is for a minimum of 2 sessions per month, 2-4 hours per session. Participants may only be assigned to Job Readiness as part of another activity.