Planning Approaches

There are many different styles to Person Centered Planning (PCP), but there are some things that they generally have in common. Trained and experienced facilitators using one of the nationally recognized person-centered planning approaches, engage the person, their family/guardian and SODC staff, to design the appropriate supports they will need to be successful and have a fulfilling life in the community.

Below are various websites that are from around the USA and Canada that showcase some of the nationally recognized person centered planning approaches. We encourage you to visit these websites and investigate the many resources and books.

Other Resources for Planning Approaches:

Inclusion Press- ( - Reading on Person Centered Planning

Cornell University Employment and Disability Institute - ( - Person Centered Education Site at Cornell University.

Defining Person Centered Planning - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - (

Institute on Disability - What is Person Centered Planning? - (

Community Resource Alliance (CRA) - ( - 5 Star Information

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