Planning Approaches

There are many different styles to Person-Centered Planning (PCP), but there are some things that they generally have in common. Trained and experienced facilitators using one of the nationally recognized person-centered planning approaches, engage the person, their family/guardian and SODC staff, to design the appropriate supports they will need to be successful and have a fulfilling life in the community.

Below are various websites that are from around the USA and Canada that showcase some of the nationally recognized person-centered planning approaches. We encourage you to visit these websites and investigate the many resources and books.

Other Resources for Planning Approaches:

Inclusion Press- ( - Reading on Person-Centered Planning

Cornell University Employment and Disability Institute - ( - Person-Centered Education Site at Cornell University.

Defining Person-Centered Planning - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - (

Institute on Disability - What is Person-Centered Planning? - (

Community Resource Alliance (CRA) - ( - 5 Star Information

PACER Center - Champions for Children with Disabilities - (