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Document imaging can seem like a daunting task, and there is often natural anxiety of transitioning from a tangible paper file to electronic files. It is our goal to take away some of the anxiety from the scanning process. This month, the CCMS Project Team began to focus on the mechanisms needed to transform program paperwork into electronic files.

The IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture application will be used by the CCMS to scan documents into a server for validation, routing, storage, and retrieval for the case management.

There are two validation points: one outside of the CCMS and one inside the CCMS.

  1. Outside CCMS: Datacap scanning staff scans hard copies, validates that all of the pages have been captured, is readable, in the correct order, and saves it to the server.
  2. Inside CCMS: CCMS CCAP Eligibility Worker and CCAP Manager security roles can log into the CCMS to review newly scanned, emailed or faxed documents, or online applications to validate that the information is correct and associate the documents to a Work Item, case, or provider. These workers have the ability to create a Work Item and route the document, per each agency's rules, to a team for processing.

Organizational and User Readiness - Testing Hardware and Software

The Datacap Scanning User's Guide has been finalized. We tested the scanning hardware and software inside the State's network and external to the State's network. The scanner and imprinter were installed successfully, and the appropriate driver downloaded. Datacap software web links and log-ins functioned correctly and testers were able to successfully execute the IE Test Page, and view and edit their scanned documents in the server!

Sreen shot example.

CCMS Preview!

The following preview shows the Validate Documents page of the CCMS. For additional details regarding validation, please refer to the CCMS Job Aids and Wizards.

Screen shot sample.

A CCMS CCAP Eligibility Worker or CCAP Manager will log into the CCMS, access the Dashboard and filter their Work Que to select a document to validate. Some of the details will auto populate.

  • In CCMS on the Validate Documents page(button highlighted in above image), the Worker will input the following:
    • Document Type
    • Source
    • County
    • Client's First Name, Last Name
    • Assigned Org
  • Click Save
    A "Result" pop up window will appear stating "Document validated successfully".
    Click "OK"

The worker is now ready to validate another document!

Question:  Did you notice the blue icon next to Case#, Provider Name, and Work Item ID?

Answer: If a worker clicks an icon, a pop-up search window will appear.

Policy Manual: www.dhs.illinois.gov/ccap/ProgramManual

CCMS Job Aids: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=56869

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