Developmental Disabilities Program Manual

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.
  1. Introductions/Definitions/Overview of Services
  2. Policies and Procedures
  3. Contract/Amendment Process
  4. Program Descriptions
  5. Deliverables/Costs/Payment
  6. Provider Responsibilities
  7. Department Responsibilities
  8. Support Services
  9. Billing Instructions
  10. Program Monitoring
  11. Program Budget
  12. Appendix - State Authoritative Sources

Additional information regarding the developmental disabilities service system may be accessed via the Internet, at the Department of Human Services website: (

Contact Information

You may also contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities by phone at:


217-524-7065 Springfield Office

312-814-2735-Chicago Office

1-800-447-6404 (TTY)


Implementing Section 3 of the Community Services Act [405 ILCS 30/3], the Community Integrated Living Arrangements Licensure and Certification Act [210 ILCS 135], and Sections 15 and 15.2 of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Administrative Act [20 ILCS 1705/15 and 15.2] and authorized by Section 9 of the Community Integrated Living Arrangement Licensure and Certification Act [210 ILCS 135/9], Section 5-104 of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code [405 ILCS 5/5-104].