A. Authorization of Supportive Services

  1. Downstate Earnfare, Job Placement with Retention, Support Services and Special Project Providers:
    1. will issue supportive service payments to eligible program participants by check, money order, fare cards or cash;
    2. must obtain the participant's sign off upon receipt of the supportive service payment(s) and maintain this documentation on file. All issuances must be clearly documented in each participant's program file along with calculations and documentation used to determine the amount of issuance; and
    3. DHS may request, and Provider shall supply, upon request, necessary information and documentation; i.e., receipt for purchase of gas, clothing items, etc. regarding transactions constituting contractual or other relationships paid for with funds received under this contract.
  2. Job Placement with Retention and Special Project Providers may also authorize supportive service payments for participants attending programs identified in the participant's assessment to alleviate barriers to employment such as literacy, counseling/prevention services, etc.

B. Accounting

Monthly accounting for all monies disbursed will be required by the Provider in a format specified by the Department.

Refer to the Supportive Services section in Appendix B.