FCS - Planning & Evaluation CSA Attachment E

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I. Introduction

This document serves as an Attachment to the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) Community Services Agreement (CSA) and is incorporated therein.  This Attachment applies to the programmatic areas of Planning and Evaluation. 

II. Cornerstone Acceptable Use Agreement

The purpose of this policy is to present the responsibilities of DHS-funded agencies for using Cornerstone.  Cornerstone is required for delivering services of the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children program, Family Case Management program, Better Birth Outcomes, Early Intervention and Healthy Families Illinois. DHS agencies providing these services must use Cornerstone to conduct the services and provide the data outlined in the Exhibits.

  1. The agency must purchase and maintain a business class contract with an Internet Provider Service (ISP).
  2. Interruption of communication and/or connectivity must be reported within 24 hours to the agency's ISP and the Cornerstone Service Desk.
  3. Cornerstone User access must be approved and terminated by an appropriate section manager responsible for Cornerstone security management with the Cornerstone agency.
  4. Security training is required before Cornerstone users are allowed access to the system and annually thereafter.
  5. Reasonable action, due care, and due diligence must be taken to prevent inappropriate use, disclosure, destruction or theft of Cornerstone-designated IT resources. Reasonable actions include but are not limited to prevention, detective and corrective measures such as encryption, anti-viral software and application of security patches.
  6. Disclosure of Cornerstone information is restricted only to authorized parties and in a manner consistent with the form of data classification.
  7. Cornerstone-designated IT resources are for approved use only. Approved use is limited to authorized users, sanctioned Cornerstone business and job responsibility.
  8. Only approved software and hardware are authorized to be loaded on Cornerstone-owned IT resources:
    1. Users are not authorized to run software that has not been approved by Cornerstone technical staff.
    2. Users are not authorized to attach hardware not approved by Cornerstone technical staff including but not limited to modems or non-Cornerstone-designated IT resources such as portable computers or other digital storage or writing devices.
    3. Only approved software may be used to develop applications or to manipulate data.