Business Enterprise Program

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) is encouraging businesses owned by minorities, women and persons with disabilities to take advantage of the state's Business Enterprise Program (BEP). The program gives small and diverse businesses the opportunity to grow and prosper by doing business with the state of Illinois.

"BEP promotes economic development and empowers businesses owned by minorities, females and persons with disabilities to the maximum extent possible within Illinois," said IDHS Secretary Michelle R.B. Saddler.

The IDHS-BEP outreach office is committed to increasing BEP participation in contract opportunities within the department, as well as ensuring that certified BEP vendors benefit from contract opportunities throughout all state agencies under the purview of the governor. In fiscal year 2011, IDHS contracted with more than 220 businesses owned by minorities, women and persons with disabilities, spending more than $31 million.

Contact Us

For more information about BEP, please contact Steven E. Richie at (217) 785-1901 or