News from the CCMS Project Team

Project Timelines

February - April: On-site end user training
May: User Acceptance Testing
June: Pilot and state-wide implementation

CCMS Training Updates

The Parking Lot Q&A spreadsheet that was developed during the first round of User Acceptance Testing and Train-the-Trainers sessions is complete and is being distributed. Be sure to review and respond with any follow-up questions you may have to DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov.

TTTs should have received an e-mail with the current web address and passwords for the CCMS training environment. CCAP staff should explore the CCMS to become familiar with recent changes.

Most of the data that Training Coordinators had entered into the CCMS training environment was deleted during system upgrades. Please rebuild test applications and provider data as part of your training activities.

CCMS Readiness Workshops

CCMS Readiness Workshop Topic Date*
Scanning & Document Management March 2013
Case Management (end-to-end processing) March 2013
CCAP Help Desk April 2013
CCMS Refreshers (TTT & Generic) May 2013
Non-CCMS Site Administered Provider Readiness May 2013
Readiness for Pilot (pilot locations only) June 2013
Go-Live Preparation June 2013
Facilities Readiness & Cut-over Weekend June 2013

*Dates are subject to change

Organizational and User Readiness - Providing readiness support.


Below are the systems that CCAP staff will be using and the types of security needed for each system.

  • Web3270 - State of Illinois Digital ID Account (PKI Certificate). Needed to access CCTS, IPACS & SAMS mainframe systems through the web. All CCAP staff should now be accessing CCTS, IPACS & SAMS through Web3270.
  • Comptroller's SAMS - SAMS ID
  • CCMS, DataCap Scanner, and InfoView - External Active Directory - Illinois.gov ID (External\Jane.Doe). New CCAP staff will need to create a user id through the BCCS Identity Management (BIM) website. Instructions are currently being developed.

WEB3270 FAQs

The following Q&As represent the most common issues users are experiencing with the Web3270. We suggest that you follow the instructions on the webpage and/or refer to this list whenever you encounter problems. If your issue is not addressed, please have your Local Expert e-mail the CCAP Help Desk.

Please remember, we cannot issue, reset, or override Web3270 passwords. Thank you.

Error Message/Question Response
FORBIDDEN messages The user has not been added to the Web3270.
To add agency staff to Web3270, the Local Expert must e-mail the new user's ID (that the new user has already set up online) and the user's name (exactly as it appears on their driver's license) to the CCAP Help Desk.
AUTHENTICATE ERROR messages This means that either the User ID or Password entered is incorrect. If you believe you have entered them correctly, go to the "Change Password or Recover Password" section on the webpage, or http://www2.illinois.gov/PKI/Pages/forgotpassword.html
Your account is not in the correct state to be reset. Please contact your administrator.

There are 3 potential problems:

The user's PC has Internet Explorer IE9 installed on it (IE8 OR IE10 will work with Bluezone, but IE9 will not work with Bluezone.);

The user's PC has an incompatible version of JAVA installed, or the correct version is installed and the older incompatible version needs to be removed (JAVA version 6, update 29 will not work with Bluezone.); or

The user is locked in KEY RECOVERY MODE OR ADDED MODE AND NOT ACTIVE (Users locked in KEY RECOVERY MODE, must call 1-800-366-8768, opt. 1, opt. 3 to be unlocked.)

To see if you have Java Go to: www.java.com/, click on "Do I have JAVA?" at the bottom of the page
Too Many Log In Attempts The maximum permissible number of unsuccessful login requests for a given time period has been exceeded. Please wait for a couple of hours before trying again. Default Settings: If a user makes more than 5 failed login attempts within 5 hours the Entrust Authority Roaming Server locks the user out for the next 5 hours.
Stuck in Web3270 Try closing down your computer and try again. You may contact your local IT person.
Able to log in to Web3270, however there is no terminal connection. If you have tried to completely shut down your computer and log in again to no avail, you may have a connection problem on your PC. You should contact your local IT person.

CCAP Policy Communications

Effective March 1, all policy clarifications or questions must be e-mailed to: DHS.CCAP.Policy@illinois.gov.

Division of Family & Community Services
Office of Early Childhood
Bureau of Child Care & Development

Published once per month by: CCAP Training and Program Support & Operations staff

Please e-mail CCMS questions or comments to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov