We envision a universal health system for all children regardless of payor that is family driven, youth guided, and culturally competent that supports optimal physical and mental health; where social and emotional wellbeing, behavioral disorders and substance use, are recognized as health issues; and where stigma and other barriers to services, supports, and recovery are eliminated.


We will provide the highest quality behavioral health system that is culturally and clinically appropriate for the children, adolescents, young adults and families served. This mission is accomplished through universal prevention and promotion of mental health, early interventions based on risk factors, and the use of an individual service plan that is based on an integrated and interconnected systems approach to service delivery that is grounded in evidence informed practices. This allows for individual emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth resulting in successful recovery and reclaiming of health.


  1. All major components of the interconnected systems model are aligned to integrate with Medicaid, and managed care models, which are currently being developed and will be developed in the future. Future health care delivery must ensure that Systems of Care principles are utilized, through the development of state wide implementation of consistent outcome measures, assessment tools, family supports and evidence informed practices.
  2. All Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult services for individuals with or at risk for behavioral health challenges and their families are delivered through an individualized multi-system planning process grounded in a spectrum of effective strengths based, client centered, trauma informed, culturally and linguistically competent services.
  3. All services are delivered across a continuum that is organized into a coordinated network, with the goal of building meaningful partnerships with families and youth that ensures the highest level of fidelity in service delivery resulting in successful outcomes at home, in school, in the community, and life. 

C&A Goals and Objectives

C&A Committee Plan