MR #13.07: Restoring Assistance


  • Effective 03/01/13 to improve customer service and align cash and SNAP policy with medical, the period to restore assistance without a new application is changed to the end of the fiscal month of the reduction or cancellation. 
  • When SNAP or cash benefits are reduced or cancelled due to non-cooperation and the customer cooperates by the end of the fiscal month benefits were reduced or cancelled, restore assistance without requiring a new application.
  • For cash assistance if the customer cooperates within 10 workdays after the date the reduced or cancelled benefits would have been available, restore assistance with no loss of benefits. 
  • For cash assistance, if the customer cooperates after 10 workdays but prior to the end of the fiscal month of reduction or cancellation, restore benefits but prorate cash assistance from the date of cooperation.  Budget any non-exempt income as if no break in benefits occurred. 
  • For SNAP assistance, if the client cooperates by the end of the fiscal month benefits were reduced or cancelled, restore SNAP benefits without a new application.  Prorate benefits from the date of cooperation.
  • This release includes a manual page that was inadvertently omitted in MR #11.20 Increase in Asset Limit for Qualifying Member SNAP Units with Income Over 200%FPL, or with IPV or Sanctioned Unit Members, dated 09/02/11 and MR #10.07 Expansion of SNAP Categorical Eligibility, dated 03/26/10.