Illinois United For Youth

The Illinois United for Youth System of Care Implementation Initiative (IUY) is planning to expand the System of Care (SOC) paradigm throughout the entire state to serve children and youth with serious emotional disturbances (SED) who are at highest need. This will be achieved through implementation of Illinois' Statewide System of Care Strategic Plan. IUY will serve youth with SED up to age 21 who experience complex challenges and needs that place them at the highest risk of residential placement. These children require intensive, flexible community-based services to remain safely at home with their families. Often they have co-occurring behavioral, developmental, learning, and/or physical health disabilities requiring multi-system involvement. Many experience cultural, linguistic, socio-economic, and other barriers to care.

The purpose of the IUY SOC Implementation Initiative is to transform Illinois' continuum of services for high need children and youth with SED to realize the following goals:

  • Youth with SED and their families have access to a consistent array of services regardless of where they geographically reside in Illinois.
  • Youth with SED who are at risk for out-of-home placement have access to high fidelity wraparound support services in their home communities.
  • Throughout Illinois, services for youth with SED are culturally and linguistically relevant.
  • Throughout Illinois, services for youth with SED are evidence and trauma-informed.
  • Families and youth are full partners in care planning, development, delivery, and evaluation.
  • All child-serving systems partner with families and youth to educate and promote adoption of SOC principles among their leaders, workforce, and community-based providers.
  • State and local mental health resources are utilized efficiently and effectively on behalf of youth with SED, with reduced bureaucracy and barriers to care.